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Hong Kong Day 2: Meng-eksplor Hong Kong Island

Yeeeaaayyy…. hari kedua ini kami awali dengan BANGUN TELAAATTT……..

Jam 8 lebih kami baru bangun. Ya ini gara-gara kemarin kecapekan jalan seharian. Jadwal hari ini adalah muterin Hong Kong Island dan mengunjungi The Peak yang juga berada di Hong Kong Island. 1,798 more words


Tango Argentinean Steak House

Tango’s Homemade Beef Burger is an exquisite Argentinean hamburger. The inarticulate plainness of the hamburger and the top elevation of the bun may cause the burger to be greeted with a sense of confoundment; upon the first bites it won’t take long to realize that the burger performs a beautiful tango piece as it’s embraced and partnered with one’s mouth, a playful flavor twirl that occurs as it touches the tongue, though not entirely flawless and with a couple of missteps, a twirl that demonstrates a rich burger taste balance that passionately dances into the stomach. 361 more words


This Is Hong Kong!

Hong Kong was not like what I had excepted. In Asia I had only been to Beijing and by default, though I know Hong Kong is not China, I associated the two. 376 more words

Holly Brown Coffee

Holly Brown’s Beef Burger with Cheese is a demoralizingly edible ‘hamburger’. From the plastic burger model illuminated behind the counter, covered with a piercing white light, it should have been obvious that this was not going to be a great hamburger; that an eating hour with dispiriting cumbersome mouthfuls of disappointment would ensue, a low single moment in one’s life that will incur a contemplation as to why life can be so unforgiving sometimes… 358 more words



“He wasn’t mean or aggressive. He was nice, well-educated and ok.”

These are the words used by a prostitute in an exclusive interview with VICE to describe regular client and former Merrill Lynch banker Rurik Jutting, who was arrested on November 1 for the… 1,980 more words

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Life in the Fast Lane

After arriving into Hong Kong’s central station, having been zipped a long at break neck speed on the airport express, one emerges onto the city streets only to be engulfed by the sheer enormity of the place. 1,155 more words


Hong Kong Nightlife (TST and LKF)

One Saturday night.
We went to Tsim Sha Tsui for a night of drinking, chilling. We didn’t know where the nightlife in TST was, so I called my brother up to ask where he’s hanging out then. 353 more words