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Halloween in Hong Kong

After a really long but relaxing and almost enjoyable 19 hour sleeper train (with 8 hours sleep included) our whirlwind three night crash in Hong Kong began with us checking into one our most expensive and smallest hotels of the trip so far! 451 more words

Hong Kong - The Cantonese Expedition III

Lan Kwai Fong – Wyndham Street

One street over from D’aguilar Street in an elevated position is Lan Kwai Fong’s other happening strip, Wyndham street. This street when compared to D’Aguilar street takes on the “sibling” analogy we used previously in our “ 945 more words


Al's Diner

The Big Bopper burger from Al’s Diner is a good decent hamburger. As one makes haste towards this locale tis hard to gage what sort of burger experience will be had in the following moments… Enter the burger, a hamburger with an exquisite looking presentation – a colorful facing burger that is accompanied by an enjoyable expansive smell. 346 more words


Hong Kong - The Cantonese Expedition (II)

Lan Kwai Fong – D’Aguilar Street

Hong Kong came into existence as a result of a dispute between the Brits and the Chinese in the 17th century. 1,748 more words


Waiting, Wishing, Fingers Crossed

Two-and-a-half weeks have flown by so quickly! Every time I return to Hong Kong I feel all kinds of nostalgia and sentiment. Almost my entire family is there and seeing everyone makes me feel so happy and at home. 616 more words


Harlan Goldstein's Comfort

The McHarlan Burger at Harlan Goldstein’s Comfort is a decent hamburger. Undeserving of the ‘Mc’ title this is a burger that, as Eddie Murphy puts it, resembles a ‘big-house-burger’, which in this particular exemplar by no means is it meant to be taken as a burger complement – the concept of this hamburger has been eminently oversimplified. 363 more words


2 months in!

About Hong Kong:

I had the chance to visit Hong Kong in January before moving here, and I fell in love. I have always had a thing for cities. 1,777 more words