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the hearts of knights (and i)

sometimes i hear the sound of a song and i kind of just


other times it makes my heart feel hard like stone until i sit contemplating knights and the hearts of knights and wax and glass… 29 more words

Sooo...our last couple of weeks in California...

The end of our time here each year is so bitter sweet.

We are (expectantly) so sad to have to say our goodbyes to everyone here at our winter training home but we are so excited (jumping up and down excited) to be Alberta bound and home! 266 more words

The Story of Launcelot and his Companions ~ book review

Things are speeding up in the Pyle series, as Guinevere is kidnapped by Sir Mellegrans (aka Meligaunt) and Lancelot races to the rescue. Meanwhile, the youngest Orkney knight, Gareth, tries to prove that he can earn his merit without any shortcuts, while Ewaine has a misadventure of his own involving a fountain, an invisibility ring, and a lion. 2,055 more words

King Arthur

Playlist - Monotronic

Sorry I’ve been neglecting posts, recently. I’ve been working on a new remix, the last couple of nights and to be honest, I just wanted to do a post today for a break. 10 more words

Playlist - Chilled Grooves

Lancelot mix on Spin the Bottle

Sydney Producer/DJ Lancelot gave us a mix of deep disco house. The mix starts at 5:00.


Deux Tigres – Dragonfly
Paleman – Hunt
Dusky – 9T8… 37 more words


The Lily Maid

Her long white dress trails the ground,    

Barefoot ,she walks alone.

Eyes like ice,

This is her sacrifice, And all she’s ever known.

Forsaken, detached, 134 more words