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Persecusión Política a Defensores de Derechos Humanos Se Agrava

An update from the Guatemalan Human Rights Protection Unit (UDEFEGUA) on the criminalization of human rights defenders in Guatemala, especially regarding recent actions taken by courts and judges which violate the minimum legal guarantees of the accused. 637 more words

Land Rights

I usually love living in Tanzania, but today has been challenging...

Normally, I love living in Tanzania, surrounded by friendly people, amazing coasts, and almost unrivaled biodiversity. But a story recently published by The Guardian really saddens me. 241 more words

Environmental Systems

WA plan to close 100 remote and Indigenous communities 'devastating'

This is wrong. You cannot just close communities.

This is where people live and have always lived. What happens to them once they are displaced. This is no different to what the government did hundreds of years ago! 1,104 more words

Criminal And Civil Law

New book review on "the Åland example": Balancing engagement and exclusion in autonomy regimes

by Rhodri C. Williams

I am very pleased to announce that my review of the Åland Island Peace Institute’s book on “the Åland example” was just published… 278 more words

Indigenous Groups

Progress and Poverty

Who could dispute the insanity of fleas arguing about who owns the dog?

Not many people seem to have heard of Henry George.  After nearly 25 years of taking a keen interest in Economics I was surprised to find that this man has provided one of the most damning critiques of Adam Smith… 153 more words


Oaxaca: Threats against APPJ members in terms of consultation regarding wind-energy project in Juchitán

On 5 November, three members of the Popular Assembly of the Juchiteco People (APPJ) received threats by phone from a local number telling them “what have you been doing at the forum?   510 more words

Human Rights

Oaxaca: Mayor of Chichicápam orders shooting of residents: 17 injured and 3 arrested

Photo @ Noticias Net/Iván Flores Noriega

On 6 November, Carlos Vásquez Rebollar, the mayor of San Baltazar Chichicápam, located in the Ocotlán district, ordered three people to fire against residents who were cleaning the streets of the community.   242 more words

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