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Bonnies windscreen refurbishment (part 1)

My wife laughed (verging on hysterically) when I suggested that by the end of this weeks annual leave I should have all Bonnies panels stripped, repaired, painted and bolted back on the vehicle. 1,036 more words

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2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport interior teased [VIDEO]

The Land Rover LR2 is a luxury crossover SUV designed to take on the likes of the Lexus RX, Audi Q5, and BMW X3. Sales have been slow for the LR2, but Land Rover hopes to change that with the 2016 Discovery Sport, an all-new vehicle whose interior has just been teased today in a short new video. 205 more words

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Bonnies bonnet - strip and paint with the North Riding flag (part 2)

The weather was still awful this morning with high winds and frequent rain showers. The constant wet weather had caused problems with the etch primer which usually dries in an hour but had somehow remained wet until lunchtime today. 616 more words

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Bonnies bonnet - strip and paint with the North Riding flag (part 1)

The old paint on Bonnies panels has proved unbelievably resistant to everything I have thrown at it from 80 grit sandpaper to Nitromors paint stripper. I began stripping the paint off two weeks ago and every few days I’ve added another coat of Nitromors, waited 40 mins then stripped another layer of paint off. 760 more words

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Car 1 : Wiring started

Last week showed yet more progress on the car, the tub was bolted down to the chassis fully, the sides and roof were bolted down to the tub and the inner sills put in place, so the shape of the car is now fixed.   101 more words

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Ciggy update and help/advice needed on petrol engine

We had friends over for a visit yesterday and as they wanted to have a look at the Land Rovers I took the opportunity to roll Ciggy out on the drive. 708 more words

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