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The Ghost town of Ibo Island, Mozambique

I have never been to a place like this.

The Portuguese occupied this island ( which is off the northern coast of Mozambique) until 1975. Since then absolutely nothing has changed or advanced. 198 more words


Landscape with a lake

This painting by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot Is most probably my favourite works of his and the most influential in my journey through landscape drawings and painting. Its moody yet it seems to capture the moment. 30 more words


Lenten Poetry Practice: Poem 30


What says the falcon to the squire?

“The lies press down on us like fire

and breathe our pain. I’ll soar no more.” 206 more words

Spring Moments

2 Unterwegsmomente von dieser Woche. Eine weiße Magnolienblüte, aufgenommen an einem grauen regnerische Tag. Was wäre der Frühling ohne die Blütenpracht von Magnolien? Das besondere ist die Blütenform die so zart, zerbrechlich und auch etwas exotisch wirkt. 216 more words


Seal Rocks Sunset

I reserved the evenings for sunsetting on our latest trip down to The City