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Love Hurts: Darryl & The Bandit

A Sam Thomas Short.
Open Division Winner for Lander Film Festival 5.0

Contestants were given two weeks to produce a 3-5 minute short containing a line of dialog written by Hollywood screenwriters. 44 more words


Tappy Lander Dev Diary #1: The Name

After deciding to try something new, I have named our new game Tappy Lander!

I went with Tappy Lander! because it sounds fun to me and it’s descriptive of the game’s content without being boring. 184 more words

Trying Something New

Mike and I have been making kids apps as Eggroll Games since November of 2011. But this year, inspired by the success of a certain Flappy game, we both decided to make a quick, simple project. 60 more words

Old White-guy Rapper Aboard the Flying Dutchman

Well, I’ve been a Wyomingite for all-but eight months now, so I decided it was fair time that I spent a night camping out in the Wind River Range of the Rockies, just a few miles outside of town. 1,261 more words


First Team Expedition: Atlantic Peak

The Wind River Country Team climbed and skied Atlantic Peak in the Southern Wind River Range Sunday, March 16. This adventure entailed a 20-mile snow machine ride into Christina Lake, then several miles of skinning and over 7,000 vertical feet of climbing. 52 more words

Tame new world

In minor milestone news, NASA announced that for the first time it has successfully landed a spacecraft on the planet Earth.

The lander, named Morpheus after the Greek god of colored pills, touched down yesterday at the Martian Environment Mockup facility near the Kennedy Space Center.  265 more words


Wie Ernst Werden Erneuerbare Energien Genommen?

Langsam wird es ziemlich offensichtlich, dass erneuerbare Energien der Weg der Zukunft sind. Aber wie bereiten sich die USA, die EU, und China vor? Diese drei Kreisdiagramme haben die Antwort, und zu manche heißen sie, dass es Zeit ist, in diesen Märkten zu investieren. 117 more words

What The Future Will Look Like