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In Vino Veritas

“Let me tell ya, when I felt that impact of the blast from the IED in Vietnam, like BOOM, I was flung away like a bag of bones, only to be landed on a patch of shrubs, like some sort of a miracle,” Gaetano told the story with a sip of shiraz as he sawed away at his thick, well-marbled cut of a rib-eye drenched in olive oil and herbs.  1,099 more words

Basic amenities that rental properties should have.

The basic amenities that are in your rental property can make the difference in renting your property quickly, or not at all.

Tenants are becoming more discerning and in a competitive market you do need to make sure your property is comparable with other neighboring properties, and if possible just a little notch above the rest. 528 more words


The Overly Attached Contractor

Finding a reliable, reasonably priced, honest independent contractor is hard. Very hard.

It’s especially hard when you’re a woman, and I try to include at least my husband in every meeting I have with contractors because in my experience, they try to talk over your head and throw in charges that you don’t understand. 3,985 more words


Tenancy Essentials: What Tenants Need To Know Before Moving In

Can a landlord charge a tenant a deposit or a fee for allowing them to rent a unit?

A landlord may ask for a rent deposit prior to the tenant entering the tenancy agreement.  406 more words

Paralegals 101

Germany Says That It's Okay for Men to Pee Standing Up But at What Cost?

A German judge ruled a tenant can’t be held responsible for floor damage resulting from urinating while in the standing position. Judge Stefan Hank sided with the tenant, whose lawsuit said the landlord refused to return $2,100 of his $3,300 deposit, alleging the resident’s urine had damaged the marble floor around the toilet. 238 more words

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

The open topic for discussion at the dinner table tonight, will not be the base of a new conversation. We’ve been talking about it for months. 290 more words

My Unlawful Landlord: Part II

It was this past summer when, all of a sudden, in the quiet of the night, my landlord started banging on my door/walls and yelling at me to stop using the shower. 2,138 more words