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Another year in my flat – under the same landlord

My landlord came by last night so that we could sign a contract for another year’s lease (the buyers had asked him to do this before the sale completed), and he told me that the final appraisal had come in substantially below the price they had agreed on, and he wasn’t willing to lose money on it, so he said no to the lower price… and he took it off the market. 233 more words


'Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)'

It was only ever meant to be a holiday job: a stopgap to earn some money to support her meagre student grant.

In those days it was £80.00 per term which barely covered food: the rent on her tiny bed sit was scraped together by her parents. 1,321 more words


It'll Break Your Heart if You Let It

Once upon a time in our great nation we had insane asylums for the mentally ill. I never saw the inside of one of those places, but I heard plenty of horror stories about them. 1,369 more words


of old doors and new

Moving into a new house was as exhausting as it was exciting. There was all the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking to do. Four times in one day, by the way, without any help whatsoever. 467 more words


Three That Happens When You Don't Pay Your Rent (2014)

1. Reminder.

2. Court order.

3. Eviction.


Nothing unusual, nothing amiss-

Regarding this type of business.


What is the most valuable question to ask about tenants?

All around the world landlords try to get the best tenants they can for their investment properties.  Refining who they select is an art form that you should take very seriously. 316 more words


Turn the Tables: Buy a Home and Let your Tenants pay your Mortgage

Have you thought of buying your first home? For most of us, buying that first home is a key milestone on the journey toward realizing the American Dream. 406 more words