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It’s 7:27 am. I have been awake for 35 minutes. I slept like shit.

A conversation with someone I’d consider rather important to me weighed heavily on my heart all night. 640 more words



Recently, I shared some thoughts on failure…now, I find that I have one regarding success.

What is success, anyhow? Obtaining the outcome one desires? Sometimes, I suppose. 260 more words


Let it Out....

I got a phone call from a friend who is sort of life a mentor to me besides being a friend. Our lives and pasts are quite similar but she is about 12 years older than I am. 429 more words

Anchor Of Strength

Our Students Must Fail

Disclaimer: this is more of a ramble/stub of a thought than anything else. It’s been tumbling around my head for a few hours and I want to see it in reality so that I can understand it better. 339 more words


september: it's showtime!

Thank you to my blogger friends Rob and Sindy for their tweets inquiring as to my whereabouts, and to Linda for her recent award nomination of my blog! 542 more words