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Our Students Must Fail

Disclaimer: this is more of a ramble/stub of a thought than anything else. It’s been tumbling around my head for a few hours and I want to see it in reality so that I can understand it better. 339 more words


september: it's showtime!

Thank you to my blogger friends Rob and Sindy for their tweets inquiring as to my whereabouts, and to Linda for her recent award nomination of my blog! 542 more words


The Landmark Forum, revisited

Regular readers know I did the Landmark Forum some years back and that it’s had a profound effect on my life. In fact, it’s six years since I first did it and on the weekend I did it for the second time. 585 more words


Live blog from the Money seminar

For weeks we’ve been enquiring about the “money trap” and in the last session the trap was fully sprung.

“You’re never getting out of the money trap,” to paraphrase the seminar leader, “so give up the struggling, the working-towards, the overcoming.” All striving is in the realm of “more, better, different”, ie, just different versions of the same, different versions of the past. 411 more words

How To Live

Phone calls...YUCK. Yuck?

Ah, the power of possibility…

I got a bill in the mail indicating that I had a 30+ day late fee and past due balance on a credit card I didn’t even remember having. 301 more words