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A Walking Tour of the Hankow Bund, Wuhan

Aside from the Shanghai Bund, Wuhan probably possesses the best-preserved colonial-era Bund, or waterfront, in all of East Asia.  I refer to the Hankow Bund… 453 more words

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The Grand Tour II-6: Mouth of the Han River... Hankow (漢口 - part of present day Wuhan 武漢)

In considering the major colonial treaty port cities of China, Hankow 漢口is often forgotten.

Understandably so, as it simply isn’t as famous today as the likes of Shanghai, Tianjin and Xiamen. 855 more words

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History, Heritage and the Importance of Remembering

As is probably evident by now, I am fascinated by History and by Heritage, which are two different things, the former being a narration of a series of events regarded as significant by a person, a community or a nation, and taking place within a specific timeline; and the latter being a… 648 more words

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The Cathay Hotel, Shanghai... today's Fairmont Peace Hotel

The Cathay Hotel is a dream of a hotel.

An art deco mirage in concrete and cast iron, floating impossibly on the once-swampy banks of the Shanghai Bund – Britain’s city-monument to Imperial Might. 403 more words

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The French Concession, Shanghai

The French Concession in Shanghai was established in 1849 – the final concession to be established in the city – and it lasted till 1946, one year after the surrender of the Japanese in the aftermath of World War II. 953 more words

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Nanjing Road and the International Settlement, Shanghai

In the beginning, there was only the British Concession – or the British settlement, as it was known in 1842, when, under the auspices of the Treaty of Nanking, Shanghai was established as a Treaty Port.  1,107 more words

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A Tour of the Shanghai Bund (上海外灘)

The Shanghai Bund is the centerpiece of its namesake city, Shanghai – that most quintessential of all Treaty Ports in China, and one of the greatest city’s in recent history. 1,282 more words

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