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P for Peabody

From somewhat impoverished and puritanical roots Mr George Peabody, rose from provender of dry goods to merchant banker. Renowned in the States as a patron of educational establishments, in London, it was poverty that pricked the consciences of the well-heeled and principled Victorians. 86 more words

Writing Challenges

So I went to Russia...

I have to admit, I did come back last Sunday (as in over a week ago), but I’ve been so lazy and procrastinatey that I haven’t quite got round it. 2,723 more words

Golden Gate Gorgeous

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (January 2013)


Walking up Mountains

Scotland has been one of my favorite trips so far because it had an element that was so different than all previous trips, Family. Not my family, but Ciara’s and they were amazing. 599 more words

Prisons, prostitutes, and bishops

Today’s stop along our London Moonwalk magical mystery tour is Clink Street, with a centuries-old name that still lives on in modern idiom when people talk about being put ‘in the clink’, or in prison. 286 more words