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09.30.2014 Another from Harvard Pond

On Sunday the 28th I was at Harvard Pond not looking for shots of snags but shots of fog and foliage.  For several days in a row, last week into this, we have had warm days and cool nights which give off a lot of ground fog at day break.  102 more words

Nature Photography

The Lookout

Although fire lookouts continue to be critical front-line components of our forest system’s battle to detect and prevent wildfires, their roles often times go unnoticed, due largely to both the manual nature of the work involved and the quiet, extremely solitary nature of the working environment. 

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The Loudest Noise...

The loudest noise I ever felt was the ghost of a heartbreak roaring in my chest –  Antoinette Foy



The further we travelled in Iceland, the more in love we became with the country.

There are innumerable little gems sequestered within, if we had made a stop at every scenic spot, it would have taken us months, if not years!


Adventure Time.

I appreciate Sonny’s sense of adventure. She’s so small and adorable, and in daylight hours (yes, my dog is scared of the dark) she isn’t shy of a challenge. 67 more words


Motanau Beach

A few images from my trip to Motanau Beach, worth another trip in better conditions I think.