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ÍS: The Surtshellir & Stefanshellir Lava Tunnels

 Oh, happy day! It’s time to start posting the film from my June trip around Iceland’s Ring Road. There might be a few repeats from my iphone pictures for those of you who followed along back in June, but I tried to take different shots with my phone and camera, so hopefully it will mostly new sights. 228 more words



Shoot with my Nikon D3100, kit lens

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Experiencing natural environments - an exercise

Recently I designed a small introductory exercise to invite people to a more embodied and direct experiencing of a natural environment. I describe its aims like this: 157 more words

Landscape And Nature

The Hot River at Hveragerði

Less than an hour south of Reykjavik on Highway 1 is the town of Hveragerði. From the town, you can hike about an hour and a half to a hot river. 158 more words


Forestry and more lost trees

I keep coming to forestry as a negotiation between nature and culture. At present the plantation down the road is being stripped down, mostly thinning out of young stands. 69 more words

Landscape And Nature

The lost tree

Behind our house are some kilometres of forest plantation in different stages of growth. And beyond that also Fiby urskog, a nature reserve that consists of a forest that has been untouched for at least 200 years. 69 more words

Landscape And Nature