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Get the Right Tools with Mulching Indianapolis

One of the most effective ways to promote a healthy, beautiful and lush garden is through mulching. Lawn movers and robotic lawn movers are very effective… 231 more words


Neighbourhoods for life: dementia friendly outdoor environments

Lynne Mitchell

Publication date: 2004
Ranking: useful

Provides a checklist of key features and issues in designing external environments which meet needs of people with dementia. 67 more words


Garden Fence Part 1...

Today i started on a fence for my vegetable garden.  For the last few years i have just used store bought fencing with metal stakes for my garden but i have found that smaller rabbits have still been able to get through the holes in the “rabbit fencing”.   329 more words

Vegetable Garden

REPOST: Don't let summer droughts stop you from gardening

This article helps you get started on growing your own beautiful and water-efficient garden while reducing your impact to the environment.

Image Source: pottsmerc.com

No matter where you live, being a waterwise gardener makes environmental and economic sense.

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Why Choose ServiceGEMS.com Over Others?

Throughout the development of ServiceGEMS.com, we took into account our competitors and where we believed they fell short. ServiceGEMS.com was created by those who wanted a reliable, trustworthy and inexpensive service that could cater to both homeowners and contractors alike. 537 more words

Mowing deGrasse

Beginning a post about lawn care by referencing Niel deGrasse Tyson may appear to be a stretch for a play on words but bear with me. 710 more words