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Why lane splitting should be legal for motorcycles

I have always been passionate about all subjects related to roads and traffic. As you all surely know, I love my cars and motorcycles. For the majority of Canadians, cars and bikes are… 514 more words


BikeCam - A Little Bit of Legal Filtering

Filtering (lane-splitting) is legal in the UK, well that’s to say it’s not illegal provided you are not being silly with it. So drivers, watch this video and take note – what you are about to see if perfectly within the boundaries of the law. So quit your complaining!


An open letter to bad lane splitters

In the state of California, lane splitting is neither legal, nor illegal; it’s just one of those things that law enforcement allows to happen.  Let’s call it an unwritten privilege that those of us who choose to ride motorcycles are allowed to take advantage of.   331 more words

Kitty Is A Very Bad Mystic

Motorcycle Lane Splitting…. What’s happened in 2014 (so far)

A lot has occurred on the subject of lane splitting (or filtering depending on where you are) this year to include the following:

>  A complaint from one person forced the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to remove… 381 more words


UC Berkeley Study Finds Motorcycle Lane Splitting Is Sometimes Safe

BERKELEY (CBS SF) – Most California drivers have felt it, that moment your heart jumps when a motorcycle zooms past you in heavy traffic. Lane splitting doesn’t feel safe, but according a new study it is, at certain speeds. 244 more words