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Fun ride at Langkawi

I didn’t inherit the bargaining skill from anyone in my family, but I wonder how I do it so well. Well bargaining in a grocery store is something, but is it the same while you bargain for the car rental price, that too in a place where you have never been before? 691 more words


Lovely Luscious Langkawi

Set between a white sandy beach and soaring limestone cliffs synonymous with the Malaysia archipelago, the Fours Seasons Langkawi has the luxury of never feeling crowded. 458 more words


Langkawi and Tioman

Earlier in the year we island hopped around Thailand’s Andaman coast for around 5 weeks, and then in April we were meant to do the same in the Philippines, but time and money knocked that on the head pretty sharpish. 1,020 more words


Malaysia (Kedah) : Langkawi Revisted 2014 – Glimpses of Langkawi

Wherever people go for a holiday or to have their batteries recharged or even just to visit, there will always be places that has a story or stories attributed to it, as there are places where there’s just isn’t one. 1,822 more words


Malaysia is the ideal destination for those wanting a holiday with a multitude of experiences. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you are bound to find it in Malaysia. 491 more words

MALAIZIJA: Apceļo Langkawi ar motorolleri

Tā kā Langkawi nav sabiedriskā transporta, tikai takši, tāpēc salas apskatei es iesaku iznomāt motorolleri.

Kur? Cik? Kā? …

Motorollera īre nav dārga – ja vēlies to iznomāt tikai uz pāris dienām, tad īre ir ap 8 eiro (30 ringiti) dienā + drošības nauda 25-50  eiro jeb 100 – 200 ringiti (kā kurā vietā), kas motorollera atgriešanas brīdī tiek atgriezta atpakaļ. 623 more words