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Yes, let's talk about decimate (and logical fallacies)

Etymological Fallacy: a tendency to believe that a word’s current meaning should be dictated by its roots.

A classic example of this is the word decimate. 756 more words


Whom do you believe?

Originally published on The Editors’ Weekly, blog.editors.ca

First of all: If you can avoid using whom, you should. Any but the most formal texts are better off without it; … 533 more words

Language And Linguistics

Opinion: The practical licensing exam for nurses was fairer

While it is refreshing to see that the Quebec Order of Nurses is taking a hard look at why the proportion of nurses passing their licensing exams in English has been plummeting since 2009 while those taking it in French have had a steady success rate, it is mind-boggling why they don’t admit what nursing students — particularly those who have written the exam in the past in English — already know. 532 more words

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Letters: Lost in translation? Anglo nursing students failing licensing exams

The problems arising from French exam papers being translated into English are avoidable if handled by unbiased, well educated people who are competent in both languages. 741 more words


Letters: Blackface and lessons in Quebec culture

Re: “Blackface and language” (Don Macpherson, Jan. 20)

As a regular reader of the French and English press in Quebec, I was happy (and a bit relieved) to read Don Macpherson’s level-headed article about the Subban/blackface affair at the Théâtre Rideau Vert. 545 more words

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Letters: A Quebec office of anglophone affairs is long overdue

The Quebec government has again rejected a renewed call by Canada’s official languages commissioner to create an office of anglophone affairs to better serve the province’s linguistic minority. 904 more words

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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-75

‘Ci si abitua a tutto ormai, mio caro’. ‘Già, nonno, anche a questa tua osservazione che mi ripeti per la millesima volta’. ‘E va bene, piccolo saputello. 59 more words

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