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Watchwords: 'Vaping' is a word that's likely to last

You know a word has gone mainstream when it forms part of an official message sent out by McGill University.

This month, the word “vaping” achieved that distinction. 644 more words

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Letters: Readers see Montreal as bilingual and environmentally conscious

The less bilingual Montreal will become, the less competitive it will be with other cities on the continent and the world, and the less it will contribute to the prosperity of its citizens and the whole Quebec economy. 603 more words

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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-67

‘Se urgi fino al midollo i diòsperi e nelle acque/specchi il piumaggio della tua fronte senza errore ..’ Semi-nascosto nelle righe del poeta c’è: il loto del Giappone? 24 more words

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Letters: Quebec needs to change for Montreal to flourish

Re: “Montreal’s economic woes a reflection of conflicting ambitions” (Peter Hadekel, Nov. 13)

In his article, Peter Hadekel confirms what most of us already know. Although when I speak of most of us, I am talking about Montrealers of English descent and unfortunately not people like Jacques Ménard of BMO who likes to compare Montreal to Melbourne, Pittsburgh and some other cities that have revived themselves with new industries. 306 more words

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Opinion: Anglophone Quebec should ride the group-rights wave in opposing Bill 10

Traditionally, debates between anglophone Quebec and Quebec as a whole have been based on the question of the kind of rights that ought to be recognized. 608 more words


What's English?

This was first published on The Editors’ Weekly.

Here’s a quick quiz. Tell me which of the following are English and which aren’t. For each one, say why it is or isn’t English and, if it’s not English, what it is. 613 more words

Language And Linguistics

Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-66

E’ un grande affabulatore! Ma no, è solo che gli piace il suono della voce. La sua voce, vuoi dire! Senti, stai calmo invece e rilassati nel dolce bagno delle sue parole.  22 more words

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