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Watchwords: French words influence Christmas food names beyond Quebec

In English-speaking Montreal, the language of Christmas food and drink is infused by French. A few of these words have spread beyond Quebec — tourtière, for instance, appears in the Oxford English Dictionary… 655 more words

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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-71

‘Ragazzi, stasera la notizia striscia, il gabibbo gongola, e il tapiro dorme.’ ‘Ma c’è anche un non so che di vitello nell’aria.’ ‘Infatti, è quello addomesticato che vive tra le polveri ministeriali e esce soltanto per portare un comunicato in tv.’ Confusi? Tranquilli, Concetta spiegherà tutto…

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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-70

Tempi di zampognari, alberi addobbati, e penitenza (‘fraid so) – cosa ti offre ACIS per la stagione? Apri qua e vedi che trovi (peccato, niente cioccolatino). 46 more words

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Celine Cooper: A backlash against Sugar Sammy

Quebec’s language politics dish out such an endless source of entertainment value, it’s hard not to laugh sometimes. But every so often, it crosses a line from funny to offensive. 649 more words

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Watchwords: Global Language Monitor's 'word of the year' isn't a word at all

Last week, a Texas-based organization by the name of Global Language Monitor announced its choice as the top word of 2014. The decision was both surprising and controversial: a morsel of communication that most people wouldn’t even recognize as a word. 624 more words

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Letter: What the @AuCanada Twitter account should have posted instead of 'Ouais'

Re: “Diplomacy in the age of social media, eh” (Celine Cooper, Dec. 1)

Celine Cooper addressed the wave of criticism that appeared in response to the Canadian government’s first Tweets on its new English and French Twitter accounts: “@Canada’s now on Twitter, eh!” and “@AuCanada est maintenant sur Twitter, Ouais!” 257 more words

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Personalized licence plates reportedly on hold

The provincial government is reportedly preparing to freeze or possibly even scrap a plan to offer personalized licence plates for Quebec motorists after concerns were raised that people might sneak in vulgar expressions in English. 136 more words

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