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The Adjective Game: Round 4

The game is super-simple! I’ll give you 5 adjectives, and you dream up a noun they could be describing. Be as creative or realistic as you’d like…have fun! 40 more words

Song of the day...

Hey Guys!

How’s your vacation doing? Having fun?

I’ve been preparing many surprises for you.. enjoy these few days, because on Monday, I’ll be waiting for you all! 109 more words

When in doubt, put on an MJ mask and dance.

This is a PSA reminding you to take a break from your homework every 20 minutes. Otherwise, you and your work will suffer.


Why Teach?

I don’t know if I ever expected to have a career. I was raised by transient parents who took work where ever they could. I took in their example as truth, and I was unaware of the level of commitment it would take to set a goal and reach it. 51 more words


You never forget your first class.

InĀ 2012, I was accepted into Teach For America, and that summer, I began my career as a teacher. Or rather, I took the first few steps on my journey towards becoming a teacher. 49 more words


The Importance of UDL (Universal Design for Learning)

Universal Design for Learning, or UDL, is a buzz word these days for alternative and Special Education programs across the country. Still, when the phrase UDL was brought up last year in a team meeting, only myself and the special educator knew what UDL stood for and meant. 101 more words


An Open Letter to Substitute Teachers

Dear Substitute,

Let me start by saying, “Thank You.” Thank you for covering my class when I was ill, when my grandmother died, when I had to attend a morning conference, and when I got a flat tire on the highway. 405 more words