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Don't fear the culture: Help students learn how to analyze problematic literature/films/music (quote)

And if, when occasion arises, it be deemed necessary to have the students read authors propounding false doctrine, for the purpose of refuting it, this will be done after due preparation and with such an antidote of sound doctrine, that it will not only do no harm, but will an aid to the Christian formation of youth. –Pius XI, Divini illius magistri, 86


Word Scramble Round 1

Yes, it’s time to add some word scramble fun to the Wednesday line up. :)

I’ll start off with an easy one to get everyone practiced up for more challenging ones in the future. 153 more words

The Wordsmith is Dead

Working in higher education I view to be a great privilege. It is a privilege to help people, students, further their education. I am glad to be part of an institution that fosters curiosity and original thought, while giving you to tools to draw your own conclusions. 490 more words

Candace Can Think

Language Arts

Wordly Wise and Grammar

We are going to spend this week working on a paper.  Here is your prompt:

“I think we have arrived in a backwards world–where black skins are few and not respected,and pale skins seem to rule,” Amari commented quietly. 118 more words

7th Grade

TOS Review: Hewitt Homeschooling

For some children, learning reading comprehension, grammar, and writing skills in the context of literature makes things easier. I, personally, love to tie books into our subjects. 828 more words


Not another PEE

A couple of months ago, I met with Barbara Bleheim and Andrew MacCullum of the English & Media Centre to discuss essay writing.  As with many such meetings, I left with more questions than answers. 744 more words