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“...just sayin'”

No you’re not. You’re not ‘just saying’ anything. If you were ‘just saying’ something, there would be no reason at all for you to say whatever it is that you’re just saying. 363 more words

Can I please confirm that you have read this post?

Let’s all start by thinking a bit about the meaning of the English verb “to confirm”.

The common use of this verb is to make sure that a fact which is very likely to be true or happening, is definitely true. 1,240 more words

Language Change

You're being a nag

Every so often I hear people being brandished as a nag. Google adequately defines ‘nag’ as ‘a person that nags someone to do something’ which, to me, seems to be a rather redundant and useless definition – but then again I’m no lexicographer. 272 more words

Our changing language: When does wrong become right?

Iva Cheung has done up a nice, cogent, accurate summary of my presentation at the 2014 Editors’ Association of Canada conference. You can read it at… 23 more words

Language And Linguistics

Fighting Talk: Language and World War I

It’s 100 years since the outbreak of World War I and the media, the country and the world will be commemorating this huge, horrible event throughout 2014. 881 more words

Language Usage

What exactly is a "language"? And why are there so many?

(picture courtesy of http://loonpond.blogspot.ca)

The first explanation that I heard for why so many languages existed was the well-known bible story of the Towel of Babel. 677 more words


Sociolinguistics and translation

For some scientists the bond between Sociolinguistics and translation is indeed «a very natural one, since Sociolinguistics deals primarily with language as it is used by society in communicating» and that the «different ways in which societies employ language in interpersonal relations are crucial for anyone concerned with translating» (Nida).

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