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Iteration and Skill Acquisition

She’s running down the court. She’s setting up. She shoots, and…score!

“She” has most likely practiced that shot 500 times to get it just right. So, too, have we all practiced a skill in hopes of mastery. 220 more words


We can understand each other, even if we have differences…The LEX Congreso in Mexico

Every summer, LEX holds a get-together in Mexico for Japanese, Mexican, and U.S. LEX members and other like-minded people. Most international participants begin by doing a week-long homestay with a LEX… 623 more words

LEX Language Project

The real princess AKA The princess and the pea

“Pea of destiny, pea of delight,

We need your help, we seek insight.

Is this princess the real deal?

Will she sleep or will she feel… 39 more words

Child Language

Where am I going today Mummy?

Have you started defining the different places your little one goes?  This means saying the word and showing them by pointing or with gestures ‘at the time’. 150 more words


When will my child read?

When will my child begin reading Books by Bob?

Recently our teachers focused on ‘sensitive periods’ for our newsletter. This is what Ms. Jamey wrote about sensitive periods: 276 more words

Montessori Education

The intransitive sentence structure

Above: Screenshot of scenes shown to preschool children in my research project.

As a Masters student, I undertook a research project looking at children’s understanding of the conjoined agent intransitive sentence structure. 354 more words

Language Development

Imaginative play; a milestone to celebrate


This should be a milestone that every parent looks forward to.  When your child first starts to talk and play imaginatively by themselves!
Your child will need to be ready with plenty of language to make up play actions and stories, that they have seen in their everyday life. 65 more words