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An Ode to Transitional Songs

As soon as my daughter was born, I found myself singing to her almost immediately, as if it was instinctive. Considering nursery rhymes are believed to date back as early as the 13th century, the pastime is certainly ingrained in our culture (full article from Wikipedia,  471 more words


Not so random animal sounds may show a stepping stone towards language

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Not so random animal sounds may show a stepping stone towards language

Now research on animal sounds suggests that for some species the sounds they make are not as random as they were originally thought to be. 84 more words


Camp Songs; Why We Love Them

It took me until adulthood to realize that my love for music stemmed from my childhood summers at camp.  I spent a month every summer at camp in the hills of Salt Rock, West Virginia.  456 more words

Language Development Techniques

The process of learning language begins at birth.  Between the ages of one and four months, infants can distinguish different speech sounds in isolation.  By the time they reach seven months, infants are able to identify familiar words within sentences.   283 more words

In Quotes: Music and Language Development in Preschool

“Our message is a broad, universal one. We can raise overall achievement in the United States if we get into preschool and take advantage of the magic and power of music.” 37 more words


Week 2 - Communication

The topics to be discussed in this week’s post may be categorised into four initial questions: 

  • What are the key turning points in Communication History?
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Communication History

A Receptive or Expressive Language Disorder May be the Source for a Communication Issue

Communication is conducted primarily through receptive and expressive language skills. The expressive language skill can be summarized by how a person conveys meanings and intentions to another. 309 more words

Speech Language Pathology