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Montessori Children Don't Throw

When my son was around 14 months old, he started throwing things: toys, silverware, food, you name it (although he wisely never threw a glass!).  My first instinct should’ve been to stop and observe him to find out why he was throwing.   533 more words



Children love water! If your child is fussy, you can change their whole mood by simply having a “no purpose” bath. Bubbles are always fun in the tub. 287 more words


Crafting Stories for Different Ages

As a children’s storyteller, preparing a story suitable for only a single age group is not enough. One day I can be entertaining a group of three-year-olds, the next, seven-year-olds. 554 more words


Screen Time

We know how kids learn to read – or do we? We used to know but with the advent of e-readers, things are changing. Many experts fear that because e-books are missing a critical element in language development – interaction with another human – children may be missing out on some important factors that promote development. 104 more words

Talk to Me Baby: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ball Pit

If I thought three months was bad before, now its been FOUR.

For those who are new to following this and simply because it has been so long, I’m creating a series of posts on popular baby/toddler toys and how you can use them to facilitate Speech and Language Development. 1,501 more words


FAQ's: Bilingualism and language development

Many myths continue to shadow the issue of language development outcomes in bilingual environments. This is in part due to a lack of high-level research, but also many years of non-evidence based practice (Grosjean, F. 2,039 more words


Language with a bionic ear

Last week I wrote about a very specific notion, deafhood, which I thought would help clarify the debate that exists over cochlear implants. Since then I’ve realized from talking with people that many aren’t familiar with the debate itself. 885 more words