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Supporting ELLs in the classroom

For this blog I’d like to highlight two strategies I have learned about through my student-teaching that I would definitely implement in my future classroom. 278 more words

Say what you mean to say

There’s a neighborhood watch sign from the city posted near our subdivision pool, and the tagline reads ‘Reducing Criminal Opportunity.’ As Chris and I walked Sophie this morning, I told him how I imagined that tagline being developed, in some meeting of twenty important people that starts off with a brainstorming session where everyone ‘throws out’ words and some quickly elected secretary writes them on a white board. 937 more words


The Funny Things They Say

Enjoying the turn of phrase

One of the things that Nomi and I started doing a few years ago was record the funny things that Squeaker and Muffin would say. 424 more words



I can remember as kids my siblings and I would get into a lot of trouble when we imitated something an adult said or did. The grown-ups called it mocking or “copy-catting”. 1,005 more words

Lessons Learned

#43 -Tape Recorder

Another reason that I am A OKAY with ‘peer troubles’ (See Day #42 – Trouble with Peers) is that Tucker’s outright exposure to others can be damaging – even though social contact is where he needs the most practice.   521 more words

Montessori Children Don't Throw

When my son was around 14 months old, he started throwing things: toys, silverware, food, you name it (although he wisely never threw a glass!).  My first instinct should’ve been to stop and observe him to find out why he was throwing.   533 more words



Children love water! If your child is fussy, you can change their whole mood by simply having a “no purpose” bath. Bubbles are always fun in the tub. 287 more words