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It Must Be Because I Don't Try Too Hard!

The following article was written by a LEX member in Japan and appears in the book Anyone Can Speak 7 Languages.

What happens when we learn new songs? 414 more words

LEX Language Project

California Puts More Attention on Long-Term English-Language Learners - Learning the Language - Education Week

Way to go California – recognising that being a language learner lasts a lot longer than the 1-2 years support usually given. It’s a first step in narrowing the gap between those-who-can in the school language and those-who-can’t… now let’s follow it up with Mother Tongue/first language teaching in schools, and models that promote positive bilingualism rather than shift to monolingualism, and with proper training for all staff – teaching and non-teaching – that work with these pupils!

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Hope Through Written Words

By Melissa Paredes

Many of us in the Western world forget that literacy is a privilege — one that many people across the world don’t experience. 505 more words

Bible Translation

A New Study Makes the Case: Full-Day Preschool Programs are Better at Preparing Children for School than Half-Day Programs

Full-day preschool programs just got some good news. A new research study found that children who attend full-day programs are more school-ready than those who attend half-day programs. 558 more words


2 year Old Milestones

I know by all means I am not the perfect mother. I try to be good to him and try to teach my little guy as best to my ability but looking at the specifics of milestones is worrisome. 212 more words



Children are like sponges – they soak up everything.  Even the words that parents do not like to hear! Parents need to decide on what words are acceptable and what words are not. 505 more words