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“LEXはいつも新しいことを学べる場所! You always learn new things at LEX!”

Before I started coming to this church, I was never any good at English. But my English has been improving to the point where I could understand what was being said in English in the movie ‘Noah’ with LEX recently! 88 more words

Language exchange - too risky?

I’ve just started my next level of Korean classes and if it made me realize anything, it’s that I still have SO MUCH practice to do in order to become remotely fluent in this new language. 402 more words


The Exotic Factor

I have noticed one factor that comes into play in the dating world time and time again– the exotic factor. Being out of your home country will give you, even in hostile countries, a small dose of the exotic factor. 553 more words

Personal Growth

Seoul F4 - Language Cast at Chloris Tea & Coffee


As some of you may already have heard, three weeks ago Vanessa and I found ourselves in the middle of a language exchange meeting while sitting in a cafe one day. 255 more words

Fox In Seoul

[언어교환|Language Exchange] Attention to all Foreign & Korean students~!! ^^


고려대학교 한국어센터홍보대사입니다~!!

이 포스팅은 여러 언어로 소개드리겠습니다. 관심을 많이 가져주시길 바랍니다~!! :)

감사합니다!! <3

Hello Everyone~!!

It’s the Ambassadors of Korea University Korean Language & Cultural Center! 329 more words

Korea University

personal frustrations and studying progress

It’s been a very frustrating time for me lately, mainly because I’m very busy doing things I don’t really want to be doing.  Job I’m quitting very soon but still want to do well (because it still is my job), infinite string of guests visiting our flat share for one occasion or other, my flatmate’s boyfriend hanging out so often I can’t really plan anything or have any quiet time… All this makes me feel like I have no control over my time and causes me a lot of stress. 234 more words

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