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New Happy House Asian: Language Exchange Platform for Japanese- and English-speaking Ladies

Tulip is about to launch a new concept house at Happy House Asian, our very cute, classic Japanese house in Nakano. This shared house will provide equal language exchange opportunities for English-speaking tenants who are learning Japanese, and Japanese tenants who would like to polish their communication skills in English. 321 more words

Happy House

在台灣交朋友: Making friends in Taiwan

I’ve been in Taiwan for exactly nine days, and people both here and overseas have been acting rather surprised when I talk about my friends. 657 more words


Being the person they think I am, redux

Insert generic apologies for being away from the blog (depression/winter darkness/physical illness/mice in the roof above my flat/you know how it goes). Hopefully I’ll be more on course to post again soon; I still have so many half-drafted posts and things I want to talk about! 274 more words

Language Learning

The Talking Cure revisited

There’s been some excellent quality criticism of some of the forces at work in language teaching from big business and edtech on the eltjam site recently. 305 more words


Still studying Japanese?

I am. In some way. No accurate studying like I used to do during my classes. Which I kind of miss. Don’t I always say that I miss Japanese classes? 295 more words

Japanese Learner

Juno, more one film was watched by me, but in a untypical day.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014.

Today, it was untypical day because I watched a nice movie in the class but with two nice teachers. There are too much students in the same classroom, it was fine because we would watch a movie. 280 more words


Halloween! The best party about costumes that I have seen.

Friday, October 31st, 2014,

I already went to other parties of costumes about many subjects, I went to a Halloween party in the Salem, MA, U.S.A in 2012. 111 more words