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Language learning games: Crossword puzzles, riddles and other word games

In the quest for tools and activities that make practice fun and enjoyable, crossword puzzles, riddles and other word games can be a teacher’s (and a learner’s!) best friends. 99 more words


Word that sound similar but are spelt differently

In preparation for my presentation at the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate this year (2014) I have suggested that it is helpful for students’ spelling and reading to think about how words may sound the same but are spelt differently. 108 more words

Language games

Language is a game. We all play it. We can bend its rules. But if we break the rules too frequently, we are no longer playing the agreed game; we are playing a different game. 414 more words


14 fun activities for a fortnight of word play

I often speak about making it fun when you are practicing language skills with your children, so I thought it would be only fair that I come up with some ideas for how to do this. 358 more words

Bilingual Children

Meaning is use: Wittgenstein on the limits of language

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 – 1951) was one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century. Wittgenstein made a major contribution to conversations on language, logic and metaphysics, but also ethics, the way that we should live in the world. 1,387 more words

Practical Philosophy

On Meaning, Words, Games, and Problems

I recently read a conversation on Facebook about the conscience – this conversation went on for a good many posts, but it was ultimately an exercise in time-wasting. 330 more words


5 Great Simple Phonics Games


Choral repetition (where the whole class says a word after the teacher says it) is really useful to give all the kids the chance to get used to saying new words. 1,539 more words