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Everything You Need to Know About Your Child's Speech & Language Development

Hi everyone,

So, during the course of my work as a Speech and Language Pathologist I’d been asked many questions by parents and friends. Over the course of the years, I compiled everyone’s inquiries and decided to put a short ebook available for everyone to look at to get an idea of things they need to be aware of. 21 more words


Fall Speech Therapy Ideas

Fall Therapy Ideas…….

Living in Los Angeles, California the one thing we don’t really feel much is the change in seasons! But if you look closely, you can still see the changing of the color of the leaves and when you’re walking in the street, you can feel the crunchiness of them beneath your feet! 317 more words


Postmodernity Ahoy! (PT7)

Chapter 7: “The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge” by Jean Francois Lyotard

                This time around Lyotard is concerned with knowledge. Knowledge and information. More specifically he is hard-pressed to find out how knowledge is related to scientific procedure which in turn is related to discourse and ideology. 608 more words

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Play Time! Top 15 Games for Teaching English

This collection of language games are my personal favorites from the book “Games for Language Learning” by Cambridge university (reference can be found below).

The following blog posts are a daily countdown of… 1,172 more words

Further Reflections on Asimov's Essay on Creativity

“Metaphors are deviations that elucidate the initial subject. They are a balance between concrete and abstract. When they are right, you see the familiar subject as if it was the first time seeing it. 756 more words


Computational Arts - Globalization "Language Games

Assignment 8 Description

Imagine you have been invited to participate in an exhibition titled “Language Games” at the New Museum in New York City. The theme of this exhibition is the impact globalization* may have on contemporary life.

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Learn Dutch using 4 fun games

Learning Dutch is notoriously difficult, which is why it’s so important to make it fun. Each of the four Dutch language games below, which can be played with family, friends and colleagues, and are particularly suitable for children, are guaranteed to make learning the Dutch language an absolute pleasure. 402 more words

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