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Let's do some talki

Let’s jump in,

Need to do more Spanish learning. I am not as fluent as I need to be. I am also distracted by wanting to learn another language. 71 more words


A little mouse in an email address

In my previous post on punctuation, I left out perhaps one of the most interesting, creative, and perhaps most relevant to the internet, symbols: the @ symbol! 66 more words

Language Learning

Spanish Semi Only: Week 2

This past week has presented some difficulty in keeping up my training.

Already? you ask. Are you really that lazy?

Before you say anything else, I am trying not to be lazy… at least when it comes to this project. 412 more words

Learning Spanish

Monday Inspiration. Lilian Darmono.

Here’s a little something to start your week off with. Three animated shorts for Pearson English Learning, illustrated by the very talented Lilian Darmono and animated by Abel Reverter and Alasdair Willson from Territory. 56 more words


Game or study? Why choose when you can do both!

So, recently I bought myself Hyrule Warriors in Japanese. It’s a fun, dumb beat em up so I thought what could be the problem. Plus it’s Zelda, so Furigana (pronunciation guide for kanji) will be there… And it was. 1,646 more words


3 Trésors gratuits en ligne pour maîtriser une langue étrangère

Vous avez un très bon niveau dans une langue mais vous ne la parlez pas encore couramment ?  Comment trouver ainsi des ressources en ligne pour perfectionner votre maîtrise ? 463 more words

Self Improvement

The Rubric! It's alive!

A few months ago, this post dropped the idea all over me to give students a picture of what improving proficiency looks like.

So I copied it exactly. 77 more words