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10 English Words You Didn’t Realize Were Foreign Imports

The English language, as we know it today, has evolved over time from a patchwork of multiple languages. For example, the English word “bottle” was derived from the French word “bouteille,” which came from “butticula,” a Medieval Latin word. 396 more words


Need help with Spanish

Beginning soon, I want to crack down and learn a lot of Spanish. I want to spend about three months pretty exclusively learning it, and I want to have exercises I do every day to both learn and practice. 123 more words

Week 2, Post #2: In Which There Are a Lot of Abbreviations

What is a Multi-Media language learning environment?
This question confused me for a very long time, probably longer than it should have. When I tried to address it I kept grasping at straws but never quite getting to the heart of the subject. 599 more words


Lost in translation?

Recent advances in technology are now helping to break down language barriers and revolutionise the role of traditional translators. As a recent article in the… 465 more words

Language Learning

Language learning by the numbers — and how you can come out on top

College course catalogues can be overwhelming. There are so many concepts to learn, so many worlds to explore, and so many professors to befriend, yet so little time to do it all. 796 more words


Learning language like babies

We hear it all of the time, “little babies learn language effortlessly.” In the academic world there are lively discussions and research about child versus adult language acquisition.   735 more words

Language Learning

Why We Learn Language

What follows is an abbreviated list of some linguistic aspects of the English language along with their functions. As with any system of symbols, such as drawing, math, and language, this list is meant to convey an interpretation of reality. 105 more words

Language Acquisition