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Adoptees' 'lost language' from infancy triggers brain response

As we know more about the brain, we learn much more, too, about language acquisition.  The process of languages in the brain is complex and not linear.   21 more words

*Bi- And Multilingualism

5 Unexpected Shopping Quirks for Travelers

In case you somehow missed the ads livening up the airwaves, web banners, and—yes—even good ol’ newspapers, Black Friday is this Friday. It kicks off the Christmas shopping season, and for the past nine years it has held its reign as this country’s busiest shopping day of the year. 708 more words


Learning my 3rd language

Next year I am travelling abroad as an exchange researcher, which is one of my bucket list tasks. The trip will last for three months and it will hopefully take my PhD thesis forward, or at very least give me and my family an exciting new experience. 247 more words

¿Por qué celebramos Thanksgiving?

Si vives en los Estados Unidos, probablemente ya sabes que cada cuarto jueves en Noviembre celebramos el Día de Acción de Gracias, o como se conoce aquí, Thanksgiving. 441 more words


Reading the Lord of the Rings in Chinese - Vocabulary Acquisition

The dream of any student is for language to enter the mind and become usable in some magically smooth and wonderful fashion without the need for hard boring study. 652 more words


Go Build Your Spaceship!

***Warning! This post contains some spoilers from The Lego Movie. Read at your own discretion.***

I cannot believe I am writing a post about… 232 more words

The November Project

Using Big Data in Higher Education to Drive Results

Have you taken the big data leap? The ability to analyze large data sets gathered from myriad sources can be used, among other things, to recruit, nurture, and maintain your student body—as well as, later, to inspire donations. 321 more words

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