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Top French Movies

One of the ways that I pick up foreign language listening skills is watching movies and TV series in the language.  For Italian I took it one step further in that I made bingo sheets of common expressions to encourage listening instead of just reading subtitles. 77 more words


Find interesting and useful infographics on Visual.ly.

Visually Explainer from jot Reyes on Vimeo.

Here are three examples:

The two above were infographics. The one below is an interactive. 67 more words

Language Learning

Memorization: the science of spaced repetition

One of the most difficult and important problems in language learning is memorization. There’s simply no way to get around the fact that fluency in a language requires a massive amount of vocabulary. 314 more words


Addressing an Envelope in Taiwan - Horizontal

Now that we’ve looked at how to address envelopes in the more traditional vertical style, let’s take a look how to address horizontal envelopes! 256 more words

Language Learning

All you need to learn any european language in less than three months

First of all – why can I write about learning languages in a profound way? Why isn’t it just another sensation-seeking “all you need to…” list? 945 more words

Language Learning

Gleðileg Páska!

Happy Easter, everyone! We’re in the midst of Iceland’s five day spring holiday here, which is conveniently timed to allow for more dedicated study time, as my last two exams are at the end of the month. 211 more words

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Easter, Lost in Translation

It can be difficult at times to communicate aspects of your life to another culture (and, to be fair, it’s vice versa!) We take for granted certain assumptions about our language, beliefs, and other things that are so deeply ingrained that we assume everyone else assumes the way. 35 more words

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