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皆さん、「じしょ」を見てみよう!日本語を勉強しましょう! 22 more words


Music for The Language-Learning Win!

Have you ever heard a jingle for a product and couldn’t get it out of your head? (♪ “Get a Jeep, get a Jeep, get it cheap, cheap, cheap!”♫) There are songs associated with all sorts of brands—car insurance, cat food, even law firms. 571 more words


Pimsleur Japanese pt 1: Another audio course this time multiple levels

My disclaimer is that this review is focused on the Pimsleur course “Japanese Phase 1: Unit 1-30″, which is the first level available for Japanese in the Pimsleur course catalog. 686 more words


What’s the Hardest Language in the World to Learn?

[image] When people find out that you speak several languages, they’re usually pretty quick to ask, “which language is the hardest in the world to learn?” It’s a good question, but a bit unpleasant both for me to answer, and for the questioner to listen to that answer, because a complete answer requires a lot of qualifiers and explanations. 1,206 more words

Language Learning

Book Review: Japanese Grammar by Nobuo Akiyama, Carol Akiyama

I was not sure how helpful this book would be at first given its convenient, yet small, size. Thankfully the inner contents proved to be as pharaonic as the outer size was diminutive. 223 more words

Personal Perspective

Go Places with Language and Win $2,500 and More

Share your language story!

Every language learner’s story is different—from the reasons they’re learning a new language to the unique journeys they take to reach their language-learning goals. 138 more words


Why learning German?

Did you know that …

German is the widest spoken language in Europe!

More people speak German as their native language than any other language in Europe.

422 more words