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The Plan So Far; Tips for the Future

The plan is going well! Yesterday I completed lesson 1 and started lesson 2 in Remembering Simplified Hanzi 1. Today I finished lesson 2 and have started lesson 3 with hopes to finish lesson 4 by the end of the day. 707 more words


Talking like a local

This article found its way into my Facebook feed and brought a smile to my face, and memories of the sounds and phrases I no longer hear living where I do now – though there is undoubtedly a very distinctive accent round these parts too. 491 more words


Rigidly undefined areas of uncertainty

I’m still experimenting with what to do with the corrections from the lang-8 users. The thing is there are lots of corrections and they are different, and just listing them does not look very useful. 549 more words

Language Learning

German Language Resources are a Girl’s Best Friend

These are some of the best German language-learning resources I’ve found so far. Enjoy!

Facebook Pages
Buzzfeed Deutschland – probably difficult to understand at the beginning but it gets you familiarized with the language and you can always compare the German translation to the original post in English. 716 more words

Language Learning


Back again! It’s almost 1am and I’m still awake, trawling through Duolingo translation discussions to find a few more things to note down. The fun never ends! 76 more words


Thanksgiving Day Language Games for ELL and SLA

Thanksgiving is coming up and I searched online for my favorite digital learning tool:  Online cooking games. Arm yourself with a good vocabulary list and you got yourself the best interactive learning experience ever. 231 more words


Polyglot In-Training. Operation: German

My feelings on the prevalence of technology in our daily lives in the 21st century are definitely mixed, but one promising aspect of the boom in access to internet that has appealed to me is the ability to learn a foreign language online for free. 1,357 more words

Language Learning