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5 Creepy Legends from Around the World

If you think learning a language is scary, just wait until you read these creepy tales.

Guest post by Miranda González.

Americans don’t mess around when it comes to Halloween. 859 more words


The Importance of Babbling in Babies

You’re driving down the road when you hear it—your baby starts cooing in the back seat. They may be gazing out the window or simply be fascinated with whatever colorful toy has caught their attention, but something has caused them to feel the need to vocalize. 650 more words

This is here and that is there

This chair is black and that chair is blue.

Why is the black chair, “this chair” and the blue one is “that chair”?

It has to do with the concept of what is “here” and what is “there”. 112 more words

English As A Second Language

Personalities and language learning

Before moving here, we just assumed that any kids we had would grow up speaking Arabic fluently.  We found out pretty quickly that living in the part of Beirut we do, it was going to take a lot more work for them to pick up the language than just the community exposure. 588 more words


Let's do some talki

Let’s jump in,

Need to do more Spanish learning. I am not as fluent as I need to be. I am also distracted by wanting to learn another language. 71 more words


A little mouse in an email address

In my previous post on punctuation, I left out perhaps one of the most interesting, creative, and perhaps most relevant to the internet, symbols: the @ symbol! 66 more words

Language Learning

Spanish Semi Only: Week 2

This past week has presented some difficulty in keeping up my training.

Already? you ask. Are you really that lazy?

Before you say anything else, I am trying not to be lazy… at least when it comes to this project. 412 more words

Learning Spanish