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finally, progress.

It’s been a long time since I wrote here for the last time, and it’s going to be just a short post anyway. A positive one, nonetheless. 382 more words

Language Learning

Skiving, and other Arts

I like to think all my students would benefit if they could convince themselves that their time in Cambridge was all one big skive – that back in the office they had left their jacket hanging on their chair so that their boss thought they were around somewhere, doing something, while they were in fact here, having a nice time, pottering about with a bit of English. 365 more words

In The Classroom

Russian up... and some other phrasal verbs you never knew existed

The other day I had another class with my Russian beginner group and one of my students had just returned from a trip to Russia. We all asked how it went and he was really enthusiastic about it, though he admitted he was ‘a bit… 83 more words

Words And Expressions

Creating habits

This is a stereotypical post.

To make learning a language easier it’s better to make learning it a habit, rather than a chore.

One way is to stop calling it studying, call it learning or something that doesn’t sound so laborious. 158 more words


Happy Death: A History of Día de los Muertos

When was the last time you made a trip to a cemetery to visit the grave of a loved one—maybe to dust off a headstone or lay out some flowers? 478 more words





제 한국어의 실력

안녕하세요 여러분, 잘 지내셨어요? 제가 어떤 주제를 쓰고 싶을까? 아직도 생각이 안 나와요…

오늘은 제가 또 다시 한국어를 연습하려고 때문에 한국어 모임에 갔어요. 제 한국어 거의 고급 수준이지만 아직도 너무 부족해요.

한국 분이랑 대화하면 다 말 알을 들었는데 대답은 좀 더 어려워요. 특히 한국어로 어떤 표현하고 싶으면 항상 맞는 단어를 찾고 있어요.

한국어랑 영어랑 문법이 완전 다르니까 좀 어려워요. 그리고 제가 2년 동안 한국어를 공부 안 했으니까 문법, 단어들은 많이 이저 버렸어요.

지금은 스페인어를 집중하니까 한국어를 더 높아지는 기회는 항상 있어요. 지금은 그냥 열심히 공부하고 아마 다음에 한국어 실력이 좀 더 높아질거예요.

그러면 그냥 여기에서 끝이예요, 코맨틀 남겨 주세요. 읽어줘서 감사합니다.~

Language Learning