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Tip # 22: Pronounce Your Words Very Carefully

My husband and I have learned how to laugh at ourselves a whole lot more than we used to. We had been in our first home for maybe a month when we really realized how important pronunciation was to our communication. 262 more words


Where does sugar come from?

Yesterday Mrs Thieme asked usthe tricky question

Where sugar came from? We had a few good ideas!

It comes from:

Bottles Alfie

Wheat Kody

Coffee… 73 more words


How to keep your social (and sex) life interesting while practicing your language skills at the same time

Straight to the point: I freaking love Tinder. Tinder is a pretty permanent placeholder in my ‘Top 5 Apps Ever Made’ list (I’ll eventually start posting nonsensical lists and unwanted trivia when the time calls for it), and this is because it’s got such a range of uses. 262 more words


137.365 (6/79)

What will I make of a world of which I am made, I ask myself now as I stack these words that make me unmake myself, then slip a brick from the stack to see what stays, what falls, what words might fake the strength of my father’s arms.


...Is For Horses!

The English language is such a strange and bizarre beast.  We have many different words that are pronounced the same and one must understand the context in which they are used to know which word was meant.   461 more words


I am the Alpha and the Tau

A couple of tidbits that I found when reading David Sacks’s Letter Perfect revolved around the letter Omega.

I only recently learned about the sounds of Greek letters (I knew that they had sounds. 194 more words

Editorial: Government must not dictate what languages citizens can use

In 1989, in a leading Supreme Court of Canada decision related to freedom of the press, then-justice Peter Cory wrote the following words:

“It is difficult to imagine a guaranteed right more important to a democratic society than freedom of expression … the concept of free and uninhibited speech permeates all truly democratic societies and institutions. 225 more words