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Notes from the Field: On becoming a non-Chinese person (again) (by Casey Burkholder)

Before I became an Anglophone doctoral student living in a French neighbourhood in Montreal (Rosemont), I lived and worked as a teacher in Hong Kong. From 2008-2010, I taught at a public secondary school with English as the medium of instruction. 853 more words

Shower Rods & Reunion Showdowns! 2014's Best Ratchet Reality TV Moments (LIST)

Ratchet reality TV really does deserve its own category, especially after this year.

Between Mimi Faust‘s sex tape, Porsha Williams dragging the mess out of  455 more words


Drawing As A Language

I can’t remember exactly where I first heard of this concept (I think that it was in one of Shoo Rayner’s Youtube videos, but I can’t remember which one… 926 more words


I Am Haitian-American by Cindy Similien-Johnson

I’m Haitian-American, but what does that mean? Identity cannot be explained; it can only be expressed. It’s a lot like love. You can say you love someone, but it doesn’t mean anything unless it’s expressed through actions. 921 more words


Developing Your Communication Skills

As a student, communication skills are very important. You do not just sit there and let the teachers and your classmates do all the talking. You also have to cooperate with class reports, class discussions and group activities. 304 more words


What is the "best" second language?

I am a big advocate of language learning and I think you should whatever language interests you. The  languages I study, Japanese, Esperanto, Sanskrit, and Toki Pona, were all chosen because they interest me. 216 more words

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