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Liquid Entity (By Me)

Language is a liquid entity,

Not set in stone, the words gush, 

Rushing over paper,

Like a river rushing over stones.


Language is a liquid entity, 221 more words

My Week #31, Apr 14th – 20th

what I saw

Common Ground by Yael Ronen and Company at Maxim Gorki. The 30th show/performance I’ve seen this year! Common Ground is – in my opinion – this strongest of the three company-productions I’ve seen under the ‘supervision’ of Yael Ronen. 265 more words


Indians @ their best!

“You can mock Modi and you can mock the Gujarat Model but never, ever, ever speak ill of our khakharas and theplas.” – Gujjus

Numbers in Japanese: 4(し or よん?) and 7 (しち or なな?)

When first learning Japanese numerals, you probably have learned that the numbers 4 and 7 have two different ways to express them in Japanese:


Writing well

Pinker is writing a book about writing. I’m already salivating. He writes marvelously well, he is a proper linguist (not an ignorant language pundit, full of arbitrary rules) and we always learn a lot by reading him. 9 more words

Science In Literature

Unlimited Lintels Limiting Liminal Lines Linearly

Have you ever noticed that dogs will stand at the thresholds of doorways if they are unsure as to whether they are allowed into a particular space?  973 more words


Indians @ their best!

We Indians while learning new language from our friends we 1st ask ”yar teri language me gaali kaise dete hai ??”