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 Barathrum – a bottomless pit;  hell; an abyss; an insatiable person.


WoW Fridays, Thursday Edition: ee cummings

Like many of you, I’m getting sprung from Corporate World a day early and have tomorrow off for Easter. But if you’ve been along for the ride with me this week you know I’ve been in a springtime kind of mood lately, and I didn’t want the week to end without the chance to share some of my favourite springy words with you! 144 more words



Curio, curio, curio. What a great word! And so nice to say! The hard crack of the ‘c’, followed by the pursing of lips and a whisper. 172 more words


love letter

you remind me of pink honey
combs and confessionals. no-
a glittered canary, high

or a bonobo.
or maybe shades of baby veins-
antediluvian and fertile, 24 more words

The Deadliest Weapon of All


 Sticks and stones may break my bones. But. words will never hurt me.

How often as kids we have said this to ward of the cruel and painful words spoke to us by others? 695 more words

Life Lessons

A Random Hump Night Thought

I mean hump night because today is Wednesday which is halfway through the week, thus earning it the name “hump day” because it’s all downhill once you get over the hump. 543 more words


Peace at the Bottom of an Exhale

When I was in college I had a friend who used the word “peace” in a way that annoyed me. “I prayed on it and God just gave me a peace about it,” she would say. 84 more words