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Ague - malaria or another illness involving fever and shivering; fever or shivering fit or shaking chills, accompanied by malaise, pains in the bones and joints.



I am an absolute nut for coincidences. Feels like I’m tuned into the right flow of the universe.

Today’s coincidence:

I was reading the article below that lists the second languages per country. 88 more words


Repair: v. to restore by replacing a subset(s) and/or by assembling what has been forcefully separated

Most repairs are done by replacing a part or parts which no longer work or by bonding what has been broken off physically. 143 more words

Common Sense

How To Talk About Any Topic in English Like in Your Native Language!

http://EnglishHarmony.com/improve-spoken-english.php . All foreign English speakers are familiar with the following scenario – you’re asked a question but yo…
by Internet Archive Book Images
Talking to Your Doctor About Chronic Pain… 7 more words

Sydney Opera House!

We looked at pictures of the amazing Opera House and knew we could make our own. First we painted the background night sky. We then used one paper plate to make the sails of the Opera house. 40 more words


The virtues of a FAT book...

When my mom gave me my first book, I realised that books would crystallize my dreams, they are worthy of serious consideration. My kids like reading, but they do not devour the way I used to, however this list of the virtues of fat books should help them become voracious book collectors. 391 more words

Food For Thought

Seven years!

Seven years ago today I arrived in China for the first time.  The date is forever fixed in my memory as I took off on Halloween and the flight attendants were all wearing Halloween costumes on the plane.   472 more words