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Frequent Flier

Michael fell in love with airplanes before he was ten and ever since, he’s been looking down from a plane, studying our globe’s topography as often as he can. 361 more words


Awesome Daily #111: When you start to understand conversations in a foreign language

When you learn a new language, you reach several milestones along the way, especially at the beginning, when you don’t have much to improve upon. 126 more words

Awesome Daily

Why lateral – rather than literal – thinking is the key to translating marketing communications

If you want your marketing messages to have the same kind of impact on your foreign audience as they do in your domestic market, you can rarely rely on a straightforward literal translation. 334 more words

International Trade

How to learn French for the whole family? It's easy with the Michel Thomas method...

So, Les Bookwormlets feeling a lot more confident about our travels to Belle France this year.

We’ve got by in the past with a few GCSE stock phrases from nearly 3 decades ago and a well thumbed phrase book when we need basic things in restaurants, markets and shops. 371 more words

News And Views

Black Oceans, part 183

This is a post in the ongoing project to translate Czarne Oceany from Polish to Norwegian.

- Vet du, hvem jeg er?
- Dra til helvete, Hunt.

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PERSONAL; Blowing Off Steam

Nothing annoys me more than the presumption that I know every single word of a language just because I’m able to converse on a comfortable level with natives. 159 more words


Language, Language

If you’ve read this Monday’s short story you may have noticed that Dmitri uses the term “Palatinus” to refer to the high ranking official he turns his case over to once his work is done. 891 more words

On Writing