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40 Words that should be added to the English Language

Hey Delights :] Happy Friday!!!

“The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue. It is used to express every thought and emotion that the most exhausted muscle in the body cannot, which happens to your heart.” 688 more words


My direction? Anywhere. Because one is always nearer by not keeping still. - Sebastian Faulks

Time for a bit of a change in direction me thinks. The time has come where it is less than a month until I leave, and thus, things are getting stressful.. 269 more words


любое знание мертво без применения (продолжение)

сегодня туристом быть, наверное, проще, чем даже 10-20 лет назад. к нашим туристическим услугам GPS, интернет, wi-fi, мобильная звуковая и цифровая связь. поэтому я не стал спрашивать, как пройти к notre-dame de paris (хотя и зря не воспользовался возможностью), а сразу вытащил телефон (nokia lumia 1520), в который заблаговременно закачал карты всей территории франции (на всякий случай). 82 more words


French Lesson #12 - favorite podcasts and sites for learning French

A few days ago I was talking to a fellow Canadian who is also on sabbatical in France. She’s here for a year with her husband and two boys. 382 more words

French Lessons

Ainu: アイヌ イタク/Aynu itak

First post of my A-Z of Endangered Languages challenge and for A, we have the Ainu language.


Photo du Jour!

Flashback photo of the day (inspired by Elephant’s song “Les Voyages”) is one I took on the TGV last fall!

Ahh, la france me manque. 20 more words

Learning Languages for God

Many people are seeking to serve God in this modern society, but do not know how. The truth is, the world is becoming smaller and smaller every minute. 1,010 more words