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Saturday was Morikami’s Lantern Festival! Which was lots of fun.

First of all, there was an accident on I-95 which delayed us immensely, in our attempt to go around it, which caused us to miss the members-only hour from 2-3pm, which we were trying to get there for. 677 more words

Life Updates

Lantern Festival

So! Yesterday I went to GenkiJACS to help out with some thingies.. I dunno what it is, really, but it’s japanese people studying english, so they have asked for volunteers and stuff blabla~ Well! 389 more words


博多灯明ウォッチング - Hakata To-myo watching

Hello folks! How’s your day so far? I just finished studying grammar for my test tomorrow and I just put the second cake inside the oven and I felt like writing a blog about last night! 604 more words

Oktober 2014

Foods foods, Tenjin and more pretty lanterns o((*^▽^*))o

Tuesday after class I hang out with an Indonesian girl and her buddy. We had already gone to Aeon on Saturday, but we still needed to get some… 1,747 more words


Dream #2 - Rise Festival

You’ll wonder why I skipped Dream #1 – I did that intentionally because that’s a dream I will only keep for myself plus it’s really sappy haha. 211 more words


Jinju Lantern Festival

Kenny and I trekked over to Jinju this past weekend for the Jinju Lantern Festival. The festival dates all the way back to the Jinjuseong Battle in 1592 during the Imjinwaeran War (Japanese invasion). 554 more words

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