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This past January (October in the UK), Newcastle’s Lanterns On The Lake released its second album, UNTIL COLOURS RUN.  It follows the departure of brothers Brendan (bass) and Adam Sykes (guitar).  44 more words


The NoiseOnTrial Mixtape: February 26th, 2014

These are a handful of carefully selected tracks, new and old, which have caught my attention recently. I’ve compiled them into one stream, in order for you wonderful people out there to love, hate, or just have on in the background. 55 more words


Lanterns On the Lake: Until the Colours Run

“We just want the quiet life”

• 2013/10/15 • Style: Alternative/Indie Rock

Lanterns On the Lake instrumentals remind me of Explosions in the Sky (more than the architecture of the two’s band names), but with an added soft female vocal element. 70 more words

Jason (Author)


The Spectors – Nico

ベルギーの男女5人組インディーロック/シューゲバンドのデビューシングル。これ聴いてから毎日頭ぐるぐる。ビデオも奇妙でおもしろくていい!こんなポップな曲もあれば、soundcloudやスタジオライブ (→Hightime Sessions) のようにシリアスな部分やノイジーなかっこよさもある。混声のハーモニーもいいし、日本でも人気出そう。
demoを聴いて気に入った元EditrosのChris Urbanowiczがプロデュースを買って出たらしい。去年はMy Bloody Valentineのベルギー公演のサポートもしてたり。

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