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Cheapest Lap Band Surgery In Mexico

Laparoscopic Gastric banding is shortly and popularly called as the Lap band surgery. It is one of the several types of Bariatric surgeries done to control severe obesity. 314 more words


1 Month Post-Op

Last Saturday was my month anniversary of being banded. Yesterday (Monday) I weighed in at my appointment with Dr. Ray (more on that in a second) and was down 14 pounds on their scale. 290 more words

Some Gastric Surgery Benefits May Outweigh Diet And Exercise Alone

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - If you have obesity and diabetes, diet and exercise are the best way to deal with it but we are also learning that in some cases surgery may be what it takes to turn the corner. 81 more words

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Day 4 of the Banded Life

I was banded on Thursday, it’s now Sunday evening. Things are going ok, for the most part. I did have a scare yesterday, though. I woke up around 6:45 a.m. 666 more words

Star Jones' Gastric Bypass Story And Why Weight Loss Surgery Is Not For Everyone

Gastric Bypass Surgery or Lap Band Surgery are not the answer for most people. There are some morbidly obese people who greatly benefit from it and are able to turn their lives around by switching to a much healthier way of eating as a result of the wake up call that the surgery prompts, but I believe from what I have read that a lot of people have negative experiences with the surgery. 1,613 more words

life with lap-band

hey guys!  long time no talk!  i’m 3 weeks post-op tomorrow and feeling great!  i’ll give you a quick update, because i’m sure you don’t want to read over 3 weeks of details about my life. 786 more words

Weight Loss

Financing Weight Loss Surgery

Many individuals actually have a difficult time losing weight. The strict exercise regime and specific diet plans just don’t seem to work for them. Obesity can become life-threatening since it can lead to other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and restricted function since movement becomes difficult. 210 more words