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- it's happening.. the final countdown -

Today is day 92 since my first appointment with Dr. Pucci, day 92 since I realized it was time to change my life, day 92 since I started counting days.. 321 more words

Lap Band

- another sleepless night / fears -

I started off writing tonight about the time I met with the nutritionist but I honestly can’t even concentrate or put my thoughts together enough to form full sentences regarding that topic. 388 more words

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- 2nd and 3rd appointments -

I’m putting these appointments together because not a lot happened.

On September 24th, I went to my 2nd appointment and it was very quick. Literally.. step on the scale, yup still fat, see you next month. 414 more words

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- will i still be funny? -

I don’t necessarily think I’m a funny person, I just do and say the first thing that comes to mind and it’s usually something completely ridiculous; most times I feel my friends, family and coworkers are laughing with me and not at me, which I guess is good. 280 more words

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easy mashed cauliflower recipe

hey guys!  hope everything is going well! i wanted to pop in today with a quick recipe since, when i post pictures of my food, especially my mashed cauliflower, on my IG page (thesweatybetty) i get tons of questions of how i make it and what i top it with. 534 more words

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- fitz, MD.. the psycho eval -

When I got to my car, after the initial visit with Dr. P., I sat there and cried for several minutes as I thought about our consultation, about the decision I had made without telling anyone, about the work but mostly I cried because I couldn’t believe it had come to this… I couldn’t pretend anymore that I could really do this on my own and needed help. 579 more words

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Yes, I had Weight Loss Surgery. No, it's not the "Easy Way Out".

I’ve struggled with weight and food for the last eight or nine years. After I ended my military service I didn’t exercise nearly as much, but I sent the same garbage food. 849 more words

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