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Cooking with Sara - Salmon Patties

When I found this recipe I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’ve wanted to do something with fish for ages, and when cooking this up I learned a lot about how to prepare it for next time, both the main dish and the side. 600 more words


My Story - Sara Miller #2

Working late is no fun! Between two late days in a row and a birthday party I’ve had nearly zero time to sit and prepare this blog, and I’ve been looking forward to doing my own update! 522 more words


Living Banded

First let me start by saying, if you know someone who has had Lapband, please don’t respond by saying “oh, I know someone who had that done and they gained all the weight back.” It is very discouraging and yes, it has been said to me on numerous occasions. 752 more words


Cooking with Sara - Mango Chutney Acorn Squash

I know, it sounds totally strange. But trust me on this. If you like acorn squash… you’ll enjoy this dish. Another one from Martha, though hers didn’t turn out quite right because of a bad batch of coconut. 405 more words


My Story - Georgia Artripe-Blackler

Welcome to Wednesday! AKA Story Day! This week’s story is written by Georgia Artripe-Blackler, though it is not strictly her own story, it is that of her daughter also. 907 more words


Cooking with Sara - Frozen Yogurt Bars

What a week it’s been!

The local festival should only take up three days, but with working late and family in town it is closer to a weeks worth of being away from the computer and doing most of my networking via phone. 611 more words


Little Pink Drink

I missed testimonial day because I was unfortunately working the later shift and after making dinner I wanted to spend a little couch time with Alex instead of hopping right onto the laptop. 681 more words