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Surah Lapbooks


Lapbooks are a great way of reviewing newly learnt material. One of the activities I’ve prepared for the students is a secret agent lapbook letter. 113 more words

Arabic Worksheets


When we first started homeschooling, I read a lot about lapbooks, but never fully understood what they were until I found some helpful YouTube videos, … 443 more words

1st Grade Homeschoolers

Lapbook Friday - Butterflies

As usual, my 5-year-old daughter picked this week’s topic for Lapbook Friday, and we studied it throughout the week by reading. No videos, this time, as I didn’t have the opportunity to find any on YouTube or elsewhere (we’re *still* working on our rental, nearly 4 hours away, every weekend, and it’s been taking up a lot of our energy). 273 more words

Lapbook Friday - Building a House

 This lapbook took two Fridays to complete, for a few reasons: 1) We used the blank templates from HomeschoolShare.com and filled it in with our own information (tough when you consider my oldest is only 5), 2) We are between tenants and need to fix up our rental property (which is more than 3 hours away from where we currently live) before we can get new renters in there (for the record, if a landlord says no dogs, if you’re going to ignore that, AT LEAST CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DANG DOGS. 346 more words

Lapbook Friday - Dinosaurs and Animal Classification

Last week I asked my five-year-old what lapbook she wanted to do for our next Lapbook Friday. She excitedly said, “Animals!” “What animal?” I asked. “Just animals,” she answered, “all of them.” So I did my best to cater to that. 274 more words

Science and Social Studies Homeschool K-5

Chipmunk and I have tried several ways to make sure we cover Science, Social Studies and History. From all-in-one curriculum to notebooking pages,lapbooks, and unit studies, and a simplified “Let’s just read it approach.”, we’ve done it all. 435 more words


Lapbook Friday - All About Me

We do “school” four days a week, and on Friday we do lapbooks. If you’ve never heard of lapbooks, don’t be ashamed – up until a little while ago, i hadn’t either. 307 more words