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Galletitas de té / Tea cookies

Ya les conté que tengo muchos tés y tomo muy pocos. Bueno, este es mi intento de usar esos tés, aunque no sea de la manera más tradicional. 986 more words

Which Lapsang Makes Me Sing? My First Tea-Off

Recently I purchased some of DavidsTea’s Lapsang Souchong to compare it to the first one I’d ever tried from Tealish. I’ve tried it…and here is my comparison and final verdict. 532 more words


Tea, old and new

Read a post recently about a young mum heading out for afternoon tea with her sister and daughter, an occasion that is seeing a resurgence in popularity around the globe. 260 more words


What's In My Cup: Lapsang Souchong

This is one of those teas it took me a while to find and I found this particular one at the cute little tea shop on Queen Street West, Tealish. 286 more words

Willow hunting

Yesterday I went for a short hike with my partner. I had found a recipe for Willow Liniment to use on cuts and wounds, so we were out trying to collect the bark needed before the rain came down. 216 more words

Being Green

Jun Shan Yin Zhen (Yellow Tea): Tao Tea Leaf

Look at the stars!

Look how they shine for you!

And everything you do!

Yeah, they were all yellow!


Yellow. It’s the colour of my most golden memories. 362 more words

Tao Tea Leaf

Xin Yang Mao Jian Green Tea: Tea Vivre

Wow! That smell!! What is it? It’s so strong! It’s somehow taking me back to “The Western Fair”: my hometown fair that takes place every fall.. 424 more words