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The Ten Virtues of Tea

Tea has the blessing of all deities
Tea promotes filial piety
Tea drives away all evil spirits
Tea banishes drowsiness… 407 more words


Launch of Simpsons Tea - British Loose Leaf Teas of Style


It’s finally here! The launch of Simpsons Tea online! We have been working very hard over the past six months…….and at last, we have launched! 309 more words

Simpsons Tea

Decadence in a cup

Now I am a coffee girl.  I had a coffee (as in one) every day of my pregnancy.  My logic was the benefits of the calcium probably outweighed the potential downsides of the caffeine (which before anyone berates me was at or below the recommended level!). 173 more words


Lapsang Souchong

This is a type of tea which one usually tends to love or hate. It has a distinctive smoky taste and aroma which is achieved by smoking the delicate tea leaves over pine fires. 59 more words

Tea Corner

Haiku # 44

Lapsang souchong steeps
Calm these chaotic streets while
March winds stir outside


Our Mountain Man Tea is now in store. A strong black Lapsang Souchong with big smoky notes of wood and winter. Traditionally dried over fires made from pine trees, this unique tea’s bold aroma and flavour is reminiscent of a bonfire evening, or the single trail of smoke from an old tobacco pipe.

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Six Things You Should Know About Lapsang Souchong

1) It’s love it or hate it tea. I’ve not seen too many tea drinkers in-between. Either they get strong positive thoughts about Lapsang Souchong or hate it at first sight. 285 more words

Chinese Tea