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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Thinner, Lighter and Faster

If you are looking for something sleek in design and want to eliminate extra baggage (tablet, laptop or DVD player) in your travelling bag. Lenovo made that easy with the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, which eliminates carrying multiple devices during your travels. 324 more words

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Dell Latitude 3440 Reviews

Dell Latitude 3440 retains the series has always dignified and stable design style, dark gray brushed metal body with a texture makes it a very typical business features, but also provides a strong metal casing to protect the ability of a plastic material, and better on-screen support. 713 more words

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Budget Laptop Battle: HP Stream 11 vs. Asus X205TA vs. Acer C720


Last December, I bought my first Chromebook Рthe Acer C720. At the time, it was the only sub-$200 laptop on the market that I was aware of, and as a Chromebook running Chrome OS and not Windows, it required certain sacrifices. 2,786 more words


HP ProBook 450 G1 Reviews

Throughout the history of the development of business notebooks, regardless of the product change / improvement, but there is always a theme from the beginning through to the present, the future will not change until it is “portable.” Developed by the desktop PC to a laptop, is a reflection of the portable mobile, and business notebook is a notebook products more emphasis on one type of portable: The core mainstream notebook is cost-effective, core AV notebook is a comprehensive performance gaming notebook the core is the powerful 3D graphics capabilities, and core business notebook is portable. 745 more words

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Toshiba W30Dt Reviews

Toshiba Satellite series mentioned and I believe we will not feel strange, this year we have introduced include: S40-A, L40-A, M40-A, M50-A, U40-A launched in 2013, including a variety of membership Toshiba Satellite series of new products. 663 more words

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Samsung 910S5J Reviews

Personally touched Samsung ATIV 910S5J notebook cover after this layer “Leather plastic,” we can not fully realize it was actually a plastic material, with the palm of your hand across the surface of the roof, can feel like a very obvious hair cortex general astringent feeling, and a slight sense of greasy, these features is undoubtedly the leather material characteristics similar to the extent absolutely believable. 678 more words

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Acer V5-573G Reviews

See it at first glance, appear instantly to mind one word, “Heritage Classic”, and 11, 14-inch Acer V5-573G product has a high degree of similarity. In our view, only have a “family face” of the industrial design, will let consumers confused look complicated mess of products to identify, enhance the brand recognition of the product. 701 more words

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