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Asus X205TA - Laptop Review and Minecraft Test

Intro – Sub-$200 Windows PCs

As of this Fall, we’re seeing the first full Windows laptops hitting the market at or below the $199.99 MSRP price point, part of Microsoft’s initiative to push back against Google’s Chromebooks and Chrome OS.   3,418 more words


Dell M4800 Reviews

As the most professional notebook product type, mobile workstations usually has a professional, top-level hardware configuration, such as the use of NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro professional graphics cards, as well as senior management with Intel vPro features CPU, these are mobile workstations features, of course, they also have a cheap price. 1,021 more words

Laptop Review

Samsung 930X5J Reviews

With the further popularization of ultra-high-definition display, a number of ultra-high, quasi-4K, 4K resolution notebook products has been introduced. But many people are skeptical for ultra-high resolution, and some even completely rejected this ultra-high-definition screen, that it is purely a speculation, will drag on hardware performance. 537 more words

Laptop Review

HP Stream 11: Minecraft, and Additional Thoughts

Last week, I bought an HP Stream 11 and wrote a first impressions and review of the device. I did it partially because I had a sudden and temporary need for a cheap, light, long-lasting Windows laptop, and partially because I was just very curious how it would compare to similarly equipped Chromebooks, especially the Acer C720. 2,177 more words

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HP Pavilion x2 Reviews

This year we have seen a PC / tablet combo more and more products, from design to the appearance and interface each have their own characteristics, but many products still as rigid as a traditional notebook, but HP in this regard do very well . 770 more words

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Acer V5-572G Reviews

From the overall design perspective, the Acer V5-572G 573G is not much difference with the previous, but the color is from gray to black. A surface cover still uses magnesium alloy wrapped, supplemented by metal wire drawing process to build, so the entire screen reached a good support. 522 more words

Laptop Review

HP Stream 11: Initial Impressions and Review

Just over a year ago, I got my first Chromebook, the Acer C720. Since that time, except for gaming, it has been my most used daily computer, especially for web consumption: Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, Netflix, Youtube, etc. 2,342 more words