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My five year-old laptop has given me some dilemma, corrupting and losing some of my precious files and drafts, and last week was the end of its life.  299 more words


By the way, iTunes sucks.

Then again, I’m trying to run it on Windows Vista, so I guess I don’t really have a right to complain.


this was yummy. meatless taco crumbles, refried beans, plain yogurt, hot sauce.

i’m at the library right now using their wifi for my laptop. i can’t do certain things on my phone, or at least not in the same way…. 145 more words

Daftar Harga Laptop Murah lancar untuk Game Terbaru 2014

Laptop Murah untuk Game terbaru menjadi incaran para pecinta gadget pada saat sekarang ini. Bagaimana tidak, karena dengan bermain game fikiran akan terasa menjadi ringan. Sangat ampuh buat kamu yang sedang sakit kepala karena tugas dll, game merupakan salah satu cara untuk menghilangkan stress. 285 more words


The year 2121

The days of laptops and tablets and cell phones subsided into a sea of fourth world residuals 3d printed out in the dark of light and night of day, via second hand servers globally attuned to pipeline transmissions. 68 more words


Wonderful travel laptop

The main consideration for travel laptop is weight, storage, and batter life.

this is what Gregory Morrison wrote at Forbes website here.

I spent months trying to figure out the best… 324 more words


in pictures. work and play.

That wonderful age when work and play is all one and the same. Was adorable watching Kabir tapping away on his little laptop, with complete focus. 28 more words

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