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Slow-cooker Poulet Basquaise

I have never seen a slow-cooker sold in France, which is why I hold on to mine like a little treasure. I’ve pondered the reason for this as I’ve strolled through Darty, the big electrical and household appliance store where you can find just about any and every contraption for your kitchen – apart from a slow-cooker. 791 more words


RECIPE: Tartiflette! Cheese. Bacon. Potato. Heaven!

I haven’t posted anything for a long time, nor have I properly cooked for months! My only excuse is the complete and utter exhaustion that was early pregnancy – I couldn’t keep my eyes open to eat, let alone create delicious dishes in the kitchen. 722 more words


Pasta sauce: cream, white wine and lardons

Homemade pasta are absolutely delicious, and much easier than they appear. These linguini and the sauce took us less than an hour. You can prepare the dough in advance, even freeze it and have it handy when you’re in the mood. 122 more words


La Tartiflette

One of the more marvellous things about French cuisine is the sheer variety. Every region, sometimes every village not only has its own cheese, but its own specialities or variation on local dishes. 727 more words


Partidge in a pear tree? No....red wine!

Such suppers are simply a treat and give a real feeling of early Christmas merriment. This is a warming, rounded, fulsome dish that leaves you feeling replete and at one with the world. 296 more words


BiteSighs: You do make friends with salad

I know, I know. There are two problems with this ‘recipe’:

1. It is a salad. At Christmas. And I’m going to tell you that this will fill you with sparkle and festive spirit. 803 more words

Half-baked Ideas