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Peru - Trek-ing the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu

Peru (Cusco and Machu Picchu) 2014

This trip concludes the last of the year and possibly the last for awhile. 3 continents. 6 countries. 8 cities. 580 more words


Romanum Culture and History

My thanks go to Senator Decimus Invictus for asking me to deliver a series of brief seminars on Roman subjects applicable in the year 103CE. By “CE” I mean ‘common era’ because this is more appropriate for the Rome of this period where the majority of people are not Christian and for whom “AD” would mean little or nothing at all. 2,545 more words

Bona Dea

Machu Pictures

Machu Picchu is a 15th century Incan site located 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above se-

On second thoughts, anyone who wants to read about the stunningly beautiful Machu Picchu can head over to… 60 more words

Travel Diary

Keep On Trekkin': The Road To Machu Picchu

“Hola, Champions!”

The man yelling outside our hostal at 4am was more chipper than anyone has a right to be at 4am. You’d worry about pissing off the neighbours, but this is Cusco; treks and tours leave crazy-early every day. 1,417 more words

Travel Diary

Spirit Houses in Asia

My fascination with hokora (small Shinto shrines) has led me to discover the “Spirit Houses” of Burma, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. In the same way as hokora, these Spirit Houses are designed to function as a kind of shelter for the spirits. 304 more words

Shinto / Japanese Religion