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The End of the Summer in The House for Six

Term time cannot come quickly enough. No really, it cannot come quickly enough. The widespread chaos that comes about from having loads of children, loads of visitors and more recently loads of rain has almost defeated me. 730 more words


Mourning my Mother

I don’t really think too much about the part my father had to play in this. He was equally abusive in his own way. Now, it’s just difficult because he is so old that it’s pathetic to feel anything but pity for him. 580 more words


St. Louis IX, King of France

“Contrariwise thou shouldst suffer every manner of torment rather than commit a mortal sin.” — St. Louis to his son, Philip


p style=”text-align:center;”>(Photo taken from archstl.org) 752 more words

Everyday Life

Why, Hello There - Let me Introduce Myself...

I am a woman.

I am currently in my early 30’s.

I have two young elementary school sons.

I am the oldest of seven siblings. 329 more words


Leader of the Pack

When I first embarked on having children I took it as a given they would all get along swimmingly. I have no idea why I thought this, since my own sister couldn’t stand me as a kid and rarely spoke to me. 554 more words


OT: My "history"... Impossible Dream

I was inspired to make a video about my “history” in becoming a mom to ten children, which also touches on living through the trauma of a sibling’s suicide, as well as briefly touching on being a parent to a child who is gender non-conforming. 68 more words

“You Don’t Look Like You Have That Many Kids!”

Bethany Beckett is today’s special guest blogger on God’s Girl. Bethany is a Jesus-lovin’, great style rockin’, army wife and wisdom filled mama of 6 boys who currently resides in Tacoma, Washington. 976 more words