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November 23rd-day 11 PPROM

Let’s start with the night before when Micah said he had a surprise delivery for me because he had to travel home to be with the kids who were not feeling well. 794 more words


The Path with Grass and Mud

It was my day to pick up the three little boys from school and I sat in the parking lot watching them come down the hill from their small school. 423 more words

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The Long Days of PPROM

I miss my husband so much. I miss my kids so much. I really miss my normal life. I miss serving my family. You know, the normal, mundane stuff of life like teaching my kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry and all the little stuff that I am now realizing I took for granted. 136 more words


Baby 7 - We Continue- November 18, 2014

Micah and I left the hospital on 11-17-14.  “You left the hospital? What were you thinking?” Well, we are having to make impossible decisions. It’s horrible. 206 more words


Men vs women

I was feeding the kids yogurt and handed my husband a flour sack dish towel to put on Garrison to hopefully make less clean up for me. 30 more words


I am Not a Peacemaker

It’s so simple in theory: if each and every one of us would be kind both to ourselves and to others, be humble in our actions and try to at least acknowledge a point of view that is different from our own there would be peace in the world. 844 more words

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We're Winning!!!

We keep getting these notices in the mail from our utility company called a “Home Energy Report”. Every time I open it I think “oh crap, did I forget to pay our bill again? 682 more words

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