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I often get told I am supermom when they find out I have five small little people under my care 24/7.

But the truth is I am not a supermom. 507 more words


You have HOW many children? The rude comments people think it's ok to say about large families

We never planned on having such a large family, however we love ALL our children and wouldn’t be without any of them!

Hubby is #8 ¬†of 9 and I’m the youngest of 2 and we initially agreed we would have three (although as a child I once wanted 7 as I love children and babies, then when I babysat for a group of 7 siblings I decided I wanted 4!). 531 more words


And Then We Were Nine

Last week we became a family of nine. Nine. Me and J and seven kids. The children are currently 12, 12, 10, 8, 5, 2, & 1. 365 more words

Multiracial Family

REAL mom Wednesday

You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You realize your children will be in car seats for the rest of their lives.

At least it seems that way. 35 more words

REALmom Wednesdays

A question on large families answered triumphantly

We can be spotted (and heard!) from a mile away… :) Most all of the time, people are very friendly and happy to see our traveling circus.

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Today has been rough. Real rough.

I am going on 4 hours of non-consecutive sleep. And it sucks. Like real bad. I have consumed a half-pot of coffee before 8am. 355 more words


Craft Day at the Guire Shire

In the middle of soaking bottles to remove sticky labels and putting down old sheets to catch paint drips and wood chips, Carly and I talked of our love for this book: 473 more words

Adoption Journey