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Day of rest? For me, no.

Wake up and get myself ready for Mass. About an hour before it’s time to leave, I get eight very grumpy children ready. 733 more words


School on Saturday

We sometimes end up homeschooling on Saturdays to make up for a day or a class we did not finish during the week. I am not that rigid with my schedule as I should be because it is schooling at home and things happen at times. 344 more words

Angelo And Aset

My Kids Love Pop-Tarts

In a recent post I mentioned the remarkable self-regulation my kids have when it comes to pacing food intake. It dawned on me then, that I couldn’t recall a single argument they’ve had over food, despite being a large family with a sometimes limited dessert supply. 788 more words


day 628: an ancient memory in a dream.

Had an interesting dream last night, I saw this person after more than 30 years. As a kid I used to visit my cousin’s place and their next door neighbor was an old lady, very stern looking, unfriendly, appears to be like a disciplinarian, in fact very few times only I have said ‘hi’ to her. 833 more words

I am NOT cut out for only one or two kids!

Holy cow I’ve been gone for quite awhile!!! I tried blogging over at some other sites but they just didn’t jive with me.

Basically, I haven’t blogged too much at all, and maybe that’s why I’ve been so moody lately! 283 more words


On Having a Large Family

I was introduced to the world of large families when I was becoming frum, shortly after college.  I watched the lives of these large families with no small amount of awe.   411 more words

Mesorah (Jewish Stuff)

REAL mom Wednesday

You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You decide that “resourceful” should be your middle name.

We went on a quick weekend trip to visit my husband’s family. 57 more words