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Is Everyone Keeping it Together?

So how’s everyone holding up out there ya know just like 8 days away from Christmas?

I am happy to say the last of the Christmas presents arrived today which is good….because we are doing our Christmas in a mere 4 days on Saturday!!! 169 more words

Large Families

Driving Miss Maria

This year Maria is a sophomore and the only one of our children in high school. Both of her older brothers are attending college and there is no bus service to our Jesuit high school. 991 more words

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The pregnancy song remains the same,The tune just changes a little

I had that pregnancy fear moment the other day…you know the one…when you’re getting ready to have two babies that are less then 3 years apart. 513 more words

Large Families

My Every Other Day Guide To Staying Sane (well relativly sane)

Pssshhhaawww….here I thought I would be able to blog earlier in this week. I had good intentions too and then,well,life with 7 kids happened! You know,what I call,normal every day life. 506 more words

Large Families

Two Years This Family

Two years ago, I wrote about our Thanksgiving with family in northern Michigan. As has been the case for more years than I can remember, last month we again made our biennial pilgrimage up the mitten-shaped state, our van loaded with children, a dog, a fresh-killed organic turkey, presents and everything else needed for the long weekend. 1,717 more words

Panic in the living room

One of my friends recently sent a wonderful email to our group of friends detailing her anxiety while dealing with her husbands ex-wife. I deal with a lot of this. 558 more words


Woohooo I Got To Be The Fun Mom

Let’s face it….the last three months have been filled with me being exhausted,trying not to puke,and still making halfway decent meals that ALL of us can eat. 375 more words

Large Families