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My Family

Here is a snapshot in time of me with my six children. Yes, you’re counting right, there are five girls and only one boy, my baby. 27 more words


Now You're Talking

Saints for Today

Just in case you wondered why mothers can’t resist engaging their infants in baby talk, this little piece on First Things, with the intimidating title of… 123 more words

The Blessed Sacrament

Oh hey! I have a blog!

Hey there.

So I honestly forgot that I had created a blog here. But here we are.

I am finishing my Junior year in the nursing program at Beth El School of Nursing at UCCS. 242 more words


When Americans think large families are cool [and when they don't].

Allow me to step up onto one of the biggest soapboxes I have. The one where Americans, in general, accept large families, but only under certain criteria. 831 more words

Five is More Than Four

Last summer when our Fresh Air kiddo came for the first time, about three days in I remember thinking to myself, “Five kids is definitely more than four!” 70 more words

Multiracial Family

A Joyful Day: Bussing with Kids

Today as I was riding the bus with the kids I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman sitting next to me. It was a gorgeous March day, full of the smell of blossoms and the tentative warmth of the newly emerging spring sunshine. 236 more words

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