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REAL mom Wednesday

You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You decide that “resourceful” should be your middle name.

We went on a quick weekend trip to visit my husband’s family. 57 more words


Three That Used To Be (2006)

1. Clothes hung outside to dry.

2. One tv in the home.

3. Larger families.


Some are going retro-

Having families that continue to grow!


It happened on a Sunday

Over two weeks ago it happened. I laid in bed on our fifth baby’s due date praying that she would come. I was tired of being pregnant. 481 more words


Where are the Foster Families?

So we received a phone call this summer. We’ve actually received one-a-month since we started being a foster family this past spring. This call was from our local placement social worker about a child who was in desperate need of a foster family, and actually was a very good match for our family. 342 more words

Multiracial Family

Learning to Live with Solitude

It’s difficult for me to be alone.  I grew up in a family of ten, seventh in line.  Although I moved out when I was eighteen, after my first (failed) year at university, I only had one apartment by myself that whole time, and it was in the year before I married my husband.  418 more words

Assembly Line Lunches

I’m trying a new lunch technique this year; instead of packaging lunches each morning, I assembly-line produce large quantities at once, neatly stapled in brown paper bags and set aside for use over the week. 434 more words


Summer 2014: By the Numbers

1 12 year old

1 11.5 year old

1 almost-10 year old

1 8 year old

1 4 year old

1 2 year old

1 red minivan packed full… 334 more words

Multiracial Family