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Skincare Tip of the Day!

If you are prone to blackheads & have large pores like me, you’ll love this tip!
After washing your face each morning, simply take an ice cube from the freezer and run it gently over your skin, paying particular attention to the T-zone area. 49 more words


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: How to Properly Take Care of (and Possibly Reduce) Enlarged Pores

My favorite part of the coldest months here in Chicago is that the markets always have a steady stream of mikan (clementines).  Those juicy & sweet little oranges instantly transfer me back to my childhood spending winters in Japan, sitting at a kotatsu, watching cartoons and eating mikan after mikan until I was so full I’d fall asleep under the kotatsu like a cat… And while mikan is one of my favorite fruits, I hate that over the last few winters, I’ve noticed the texture of my skin become more and more like a mikan, with crazy enlarged pores. 4,043 more words

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