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What should be in the top of your tackle box this season? Here’s a look at the top ten lures for bass.

The lure department at a… 2,204 more words

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And we're back!!

Hi all. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, things are starting to warm up a little. The fishing should start to do the same as well. I’ve had some tough luck in the early season, in part due to the latest ice out on Cape Cod in fifty years.  626 more words

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Angling induced evolution causes changes in foraging behavior

Every angler knows that some fish are easier to catch than others. For some reason, certain fish find lures, bait and flies irresistible, while other fish timidly lurk in deep pools and frustrate even the most persistent angler. 323 more words


Early Spring Bass Tactics

Bass Fishing Tip: Go Slow for Spring Largemouth

In early spring, bass move onto reservoir flats to warm up prior to spawning. They’re sluggish in cold water… 348 more words

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Head to the Weeds for Early Spring Largemouth Bass

Catch More Largemouth Bass in Weeds in Early Spring

Vegetation is one of the best places to start searching for largemouths in the spring. That doesn’t mean the fishing is easy, though: Many grassbeds are vast and can extend from the shallows out to surprising depths. 803 more words

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Largemouth Bass in South Florida

The largemouth bass are on the beds in south Florida!


10 Fishing Myths About Florida Bass

Phil’s Top 10 Florida Bass Fishing Myths

 1. You have to get up early to catch bass.  While it’s usually true that bass are more active early and late in the day, this has more to do with light penetration than the time on the clock.  1,696 more words

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