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larping around #Steampunk style

LARP – or ‘Live Action Role Play’ – has been around since the very first child in the universe picked up the very first stick that had fallen from the very first tree (probably the infamous apple one) and cried… 826 more words


Larping: Unusual nocturnal wildlife spotted in medieval Melbourne park [Audio Slideshow]

Larping, or live action role playing, first started in the 1970s and takes on many forms.

Games involve players, in character, acting out roles within a fictional setting that is represented by the real world. 75 more words


The Epimetheus

The Epimetheus, or Epi for short, is one of my favorite creations to date.  I whipped the first one up nearly two years ago and it has been  one of my go-to drinks ever since.  506 more words


Ithronian Adventures #117: The end of the Black Prince

There is a creature that was once a man in the midst of Knight’s Folly, a marsh on the edge of the town of Auklish. Baronet Auklish wants it destroyed at any cost and has offered a hefty bounty to see it done. 2,099 more words

Fools And Heroes

raising boys and letting go of the fear of judgment

I ended up having such a rotten day yesterday, but now that I’ve had some time to reflect I’m seeing the things I could have done differently, and the lessons I can learn from the mistakes I made. 1,845 more words



Not twenty feet from where Warren stands, the Rover is dying.

She’s barely visible in the darkness among the fallen branches on the forest floor, and her cries for help mesh with the yells of Fort Seymour’s fighters and the sickening laughter of yet another group of raiders from King Louie’s Landing. 1,898 more words