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Quick Update RE: Riding Moses

So, after saying yesterday that I really need to sort a real routine with the horses, today I decided to give Milo a rest and rode Moses for the first time in about 3 months. 466 more words

Why do I LARP - part 2

In this second of our short series of videos shot at Balrog Games we take a look at the answer to our question “Why Do You LARP” from 2 young Ladies who were both introduced to LARPing young. 17 more words


Ithronian Adventures #120: The Traldan Players

A patron of the arts is distressed to learn that his acting troupe, a group of traldan players and their associates, have not arrived in Carlech ahead of a sold out show in Carlech. 1,279 more words

Fools And Heroes

31 Things, Day 16: LARPing

LARP stands for Live Action Role-Playing, where a group of people get together to play a game by acting out characters. They dress up, and really try to be someone else for a little while. 179 more words


Elizabethan beauty

Elizabethan renaissance portrait, with Isobelle. I LOVED her gown and detail with the pearls. She is a member of the SCA and made the outfit herself, with the help of her friend and costume-making wizard, Alex Doyle. 22 more words


On The Differences Between Battle Gaming And Historical Swordplay

LARP, or Live Action Role Playing, is a popular pastime across the world. LARPs involve dressing in costume, getting into character, and playing out an adventure across the countryside – usually but not exclusively including mock fighting. 515 more words

Foam Weapons

Why blog?

Hello Craft World! Let me tell you a secret: I have started eight or so different crafting hobbies over the last few years. I made the decision to start blogging about my adventures in crafting because I’m excited to share the trials, tribulations, and excitement of creating something with your own two hands (and a scary amount of cash for tools and materials). 526 more words