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Playing Weak Characters

Being weak is one of the many taboos in our modern, hi-tech western civilization, especially if you – for goodness’ sake – do it intentionally. Everybody wants to rule the world – not be the one ruled over, which is a common part of our everyday experience. 830 more words


Bird Skull Helmet
Elegy, a Doompunk LARP

Apoxie Sculpt, craft foam and hot glue.
(im so happy with how it turned out)

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Part III and IV, and Not a Revenge of nor New Hope in Sight! Also Aristoc Thing!

I’ve done a thing!

I’ve done two things, to be honest.

Well, okay, I’ve done three things. You caught me.

First of all let’s get this out of the way: I promised the third part of The Courthouse Arc today. 341 more words

Introducing Nordic Larp - The Website - The Review

I’ve been fascinated by Nordic Larp since I first heard of the concept and as a result a number of Nordic styled games have been highlighted in LARPbook. 320 more words


Saith Sealgaire - Elegy LARP

At ConBravo I got this real nice photo taken of me in my LARP outfit by GCE.

The skull and axe I made myself. 60 more words

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Elegy - a Doompunk Larp!

I was commissioned to make some monsters for Elegy – a Doompunk Larp!
These beasts, there were three, would come out at night to eat peoples’ faces. 60 more words

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LARP of faith

A story i wrote for the City Journal about a LARPing in Melbourne.

Andrey Rodionov