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Sunday - Weapon Making & Cake

So had a slightly surreal Sunday today flitting between drying contact adhesive for Larp weapons, and baking a dark chocolate layered torte (that’s what the recipe called it anyway! 28 more words


It Can't Rain All the Time

On a related note, I finished watching “The Revenant” on Netflix. It is a dark vampire, but carried by a pair of wise cracking buddies. Forgive it some moment of CG for which it does not have the budget and laugh while you watch the morality play unfold. 77 more words


Background Noise

A story ought to have enough background noise that it is impossible for anyone to be fully aware of all events at once.

The background noise needs to be present at the game itself. 218 more words


I Hate Television

I ought to quantify that title. I strongly dislike stories that end the way they began. Most stories that refer to a “happy ending” do this, defining status quo as happy. 270 more words


Occam's Character

All other things being equal, the simplest character is probably the right one.

This is all just a massive rip-off of Being Zack Morris, an essay by Chuck Klosterman from… 297 more words