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More dress-ups

Three more sleeps, three more sleeps… If there hadn’t been some confusion with flights I would be leaving for the USA tonight. In a way I’m rather glad I have a few more days to prepare myself and pack. 1,194 more words


Orc armour

Full set of orc armour we built as a custom job. Client specification was very open but he asked for rings and straps so we used that feature to mount all the fastening straps and buckles.


The Reification of Theory Assemblage

W/b 11 August

More adventures in the art of trying to develop a theoretical framework for my research this week.  I keep getting the sneaky suspicion that it’s all going to come back to a form of Marxism and Foucault…but I want to be certain in my own mind that I: 647 more words

PhD Year 2

Ithronian Adventures #115: The end of the Fae Prince

In the gathering dusk ahead of the adventurer’s campaign in Tholon, two hirings of adventurers set out to put right the wrongs of the land. The first set out to end one of the Black Prince threats to Berwickshire, the other set off to answer a call for aid in a small village off in the wilds. 1,834 more words

Fools And Heroes

The Analog XP - Issue #3

I am very proud of this work. The feedback is being amazing! The Analog XP made the Story Games newsletter for the first time (actually I’m double excited because the first two news were works of my own, the second being Pulse in English) and we got our first $15 dollar patron (thanks, Igor)! 135 more words


In the Chair: Laura

Laura – LARPing since 2000 – was interviewed at NELCO 2013 and asked 3 questions:

1. How do you define and describe LARP?
2. Is LARP a game or art? 75 more words


Random Larping Encounters

Some people run into dragons or the undead or random postapocalyptic tribes at larps. As I find myself slowly coming back from vacation, easing into everyday schedules and work (always work), getting mentally ready for the fall larping season (and the huge amount of effort necessary to finish preparing and start running our… 622 more words