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7th Day of Geekmas

On the seventh day of Geekmas Glitch did give to me…

Text Action Role Play!

So,I am pretty sure most of you have heard of LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying). 831 more words


98% Completed Rangefinder

Left is the back and rIght is the front.  The project is sitting atop a roll of leather cord.  The silver colored washers at the center are where the rangefinder begins.   203 more words


Preview: LARP Vol 1(TP)

Lifelong nerd Pete Ford’s been living two lives. In one, he’s a cool kid on the tennis team, and in the other he’s Lord Blackmane in the South Haven Action Roleplaying Club. 19 more words


Ithronian Adventures #125: As the sun sets over the mountains

Things stalk Berwickshire, hiding in shadows, hiding just out of sight. The adventurers of Berwickshire hunt these things, fight against the foes that assail them. Ravenna and Morgan Corvidae once more set out upon their travels to face down the dangers of the realm and wonder yet again how far the rabbit hole goes. 1,334 more words


Chapter 3: A battle ends, a war begins, a new king is crowned

The battlefield was an absolute blur of motion. As soon as the rag tag band of adventurers had entered the quarry they were immediately accosted by countless horrors. 1,639 more words

A Dark Winter Falls (Knoblands Questline Winter 2014/2015)

Chapter 2: A Clandestine Council

The smell in the tent was almost unbearable.

It was the stench of countless races and their particular habitats. It was the odor of candles, death, fur, sweat, booze, feces and – oddly – honey all crammed into one dimly lit deer-skin tent. 1,533 more words

A Dark Winter Falls (Knoblands Questline Winter 2014/2015)