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Backpack (intermediate 3)

After almost finishing the outside of the backpack, I decided to work a little more on the inside of the backpack. I had made the lining first, but found out that it didn’t really fit that well inside so I had to redo some bits. 145 more words


Larping for Couples #4: The Heavy Stuff - Immersion, Bleed and PLD as a Shared Experience

Not everyone plays on the same emotional level. Stuff written here is just my take, since both the co-alpha and I like to play on deeper layers – but there’s differences even between the two of us. 1,133 more words


Sneak Peeks: Combat system #steampunk #larp #rpg

As you begin to accommodate adventure with your group of like-minded Extraordinaries, there will obviously be times when the interests and intrigues of one set of characters conflict with those of another. 1,177 more words


Battle Notes 1

Though it seems common sense on paper, as a newb in battle I am picking up lessons by experience.  Two battles have shown me:


Dresden Lives: How We Chased A Dream And Made It Real

Today, like any other day, I’ve got about a dozen different windows open on my desktop. I’ve got emails for work, school, blog posts, prep for job applications, and tons of little things to do. 1,375 more words

Game Design

What a busy time!!

So it’s been a very busy while for me here. Which is why I haven’t blogged in a little while.

8 days ago I fled from Wales to Kent, to a Trinity Games event. 186 more words