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All Night Long - Lionel Richie

A most awesome party song! And fun to play on acoustic guitar. I may have to explore Lionel Richie’s catalogue for more great songs to learn.


It's Your Thing - Isley Brothers

Classic 1969 soul. A new song a day. So much fun to play!


Tomorrow's Song Today

I love being ahead of the game.

Heard High Speed by Coldplay on a radio stream and decided it would work for me.


Catching up...

Learned these songs over the weekend:

Prototype – Outkast 4/12/2014
Hey Ya! – Outkast 4/11/2014
Rewind – Rascal Flatts 4/10/2014
Count Your Bruises – The Flatliners 4/9/2014


Better Days - Pastor Jasper Willis & Voices of Reason

Continuing with my spiritual Sundays this is an excellent gospel song. A friend of mine named Clarence plays the keyboards on this one.


Yesterday was Tuesday...

… and I learned Tuesday Heartbreak by Stevie Wonder!


Rooster - Alice in Chains

I heard someone playing this over the weekend and it sounded real cool so I just learned the chords. And away we go!

Also added some old Byrds songs to my main songlist this morning.