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Chaos theory for writers

Silk’s Post #109 — One of the light-bulb moments for me at this year’s Surrey International Writers’ Conference came during the terrific panel discussion, “Edge of Your Seat Tension” with bestselling mystery/suspense authors… 935 more words


Writer Wednesday: What I do when reading a book I don't like.

I keep reading.


You read that right. If I don’t like a book, I keep reading. Partially out of the hope that it will get better, and partially out of the writing sessions I can learn from it. 454 more words

Tweeting, meeting, and reading

Tweeting. My latest foray into social media is Twitter. I know, SO late to the party. But I jumped in and am slowly, mindfully following people and organizations. 407 more words

First Steps

Learning From the Already Initiated

If, like me, you have daydreamed your way through school, college (and probably work meetings), you will have filled countless notebooks, writing apps and spare corners of your brain with story ideas. 414 more words


NHL deputy commissioner: Las Vegas report 'completely untrue'

The NHL was quick to dismiss the notion that the league is in talks with billionaire William Foley to bring a team to Las Vegas. 141 more words


DBW Review: Story Engineering by Larry Brooks

I’m taking a course in substantive editing, so I’ve been immersing myself in books on storytelling. Today’s DBW Review is about a helpful book called… 726 more words


Eight Fundamental Steps to being a Professional Writer - Storyfix.com

Eight Fundamental Steps to being a Professional Writer – Storyfix.com.

Larry Brooks is all about the six core competencies and one of those is structure, a hotbed for debate, anxiety, and failed projects.   71 more words