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Larry Brooks ‘Pressure Points’ Review

Written by: Wayne C. Rogers

The second novel that was published by Larry Brooks is Pressure Points. Though not a horror novel, this book is reminiscent of the theatrical film, … 657 more words


Larry Brooks 'Darkness Bound' Review

Written by: Wayne C. Rogers

DARKNESS BOUND, the first novel by author Larry Brooks, was first published back in 2000, and then republished late last year.  377 more words


A concept story

I always thought to write a story, I needed good characters and a good setting. Turns out, you need a concept.

So, what’s that? Check out this… 284 more words


Just Beat It! Using a Beat Sheet to Plan Your Story

It’s the second day of Blogging From A to Z, so for the letter “B” I’m going to that nifty little writer’s tool called the… 843 more words


More story structure! Pinch points and plot points in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (because you asked for it).

The most popular posts on my blog have been, by far, the ones about story structure in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I have received numerous requests since then to analyze another Harry Potter book, particularly one of the longer ones that has a more complex plot than the first few in the series, so – since I only aim to please – here you go! 481 more words


Larry Brooks: Story Engineering

“You’re too cocky.”

Cocky? I said, “Cocky?”

“Yeah. You have all these theories, and that’s fine, and you’re probably right more than you’re wrong. But once you’ve answered something, you stop looking.” 829 more words

The Writing Life

Integrating Writing Tools For Story Creation—Sometimes The Stars Align

My apologies for the boring title. For those of you who don’t write fiction, my even greater apologies for the upcoming post.

Although multi-tasking is not my preference, I found the perfect ménage à trois… 540 more words