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“KIDS” (1995) - Directed by:  Larry Clark

“Kids” is a movie that closely resembles my life way to much for me to even admit, adolescent stupors after all night binge partying on far less alcohol than it takes me to get drunk now.   83 more words


Larry Clark > Sophia Coppola

Watched “The Bling Ring” on Netflix Canada. I almost titled this post “What to Watch on Netflix When You Feel Bored, Tired & Totally Brain Dead” because “The Bling Ring” was boring almost to the point of being relaxing … yet it was also totally disturbing. 28 more words


An Abandonment of Reality: How Gummo and Kids Stylistically Portray A Nihilistic Universe

Harmony Korine was 18 years old when he wrote Kids (Larry Clark, 1995), his first feature screenplay. Two years later, he wrote his second—Gummo… 1,718 more words


FOAM Amsterdam || Larry Clark - Tulsa & Teenage Lust || until 12.09.2014

Foam presents two renowned and controversial projects by photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark. Tulsa (1971) and Teenage Lust (1983) are Clark’s earliest bodies of work and reveal a youth culture, which at the time was totally unknown to the greater public.  457 more words

snaps of larry's exhibition

a while back I posted about the devilish Larry Clark giving back to those who have supported his work. The prints are photographs from 1992-2010, around the times of Clark’s standout films: Kids (1995), Bully (2001), Ken Park (2002) and Wassup Rockers (2005). 44 more words



Kickstarter culture, an anniversary celebration of no significant number for pretty much everything important, hunger for content and anyone coming of age during the 1990s getting their expendable income together means that things I’ve discussed here before are the subject of movies, documentaries, big books and exhibitions. 292 more words


Q&A: Hamilton Harris Documentary, "The Kids," Reveals Larry Clark’s "Kids" from the Inside

Interview by Rich Monetti 

In 1995, “Kids” introduced audiences to adolescent recklessness on a scale that would have made James Dean weep.