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Venice Film Review: 'The Smell of Us'

The dirty old man hanging out with all those oversexed Paris teenagers in “The Smell of Us” is none other than the voyeuristic pic’s director, Larry Clark. 834 more words


The Life & Death of Justin Pierce.

Most known for his controversial role in Larry Clark’s 1995 film, “Kids” and skate punk attitude. In 2000, Justin shocked the world along with his friends when he committed suicide in a  Las Vegas suite. 792 more words

I want a baby before u die

Larry Clark, I want a baby before u die, 2010

146.05 x 351.16 cm


Larry Clark's 'The Smell of Us' to World Premiere in Venice

LONDON — Larry Clark’s Paris skateboarders pic “The Smell of Us” will have its world premiere in Venice Days, an independent sidebar running during the Venice Film Festival. 154 more words


Larry Clark > Sophia Coppola

Watched “The Bling Ring” on Netflix Canada. I almost titled this post “What to Watch on Netflix When You Feel Bored, Tired & Totally Brain Dead” because “The Bling Ring” was boring almost to the point of being relaxing … yet it was also totally disturbing. 28 more words


An Abandonment of Reality: How Gummo and Kids Stylistically Portray A Nihilistic Universe

Harmony Korine was 18 years old when he wrote Kids (Larry Clark, 1995), his first feature screenplay. Two years later, he wrote his second—Gummo… 1,718 more words


FOAM Amsterdam || Larry Clark - Tulsa & Teenage Lust || until 12.09.2014

Foam presents two renowned and controversial projects by photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark. Tulsa (1971) and Teenage Lust (1983) are Clark’s earliest bodies of work and reveal a youth culture, which at the time was totally unknown to the greater public.  457 more words