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Bully: A $2.2 Million Exercise in Perversion or Art?

Bully was controversial upon it’s release. Ex-child stars strut around basically nude, having sex, doing drugs, and nonchalantly committing violent crimes. But that was no surprise as it was the combined efforts of… 1,521 more words

The Wrong Crowd

Pageant of the New Cronenberg + The Dodge City Annex

NEWS IS SLOW to reach us in Dodge City but when it does we take it to heart.

There is no news for a while. Then there is: 1,494 more words

Bully: American Justice

In 1993 seven Florida teenagers killed their friend Bobby because he was a bully. This episode of American Justice tells the story of good-for-nothing kids who killed a good boy with lots of promise. 45 more words

The Wrong Crowd

Ever Sing Under The Tutelage Of Dr. Mattie Moss Clark? Check This Out!

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If you’re a singer that sat under Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, you can sing Saturday night during a tribute to the gospel icon at… 116 more words


field notes | influences + contemporaries

In terms of precedence for this body of work, a few standouts seem obvious to credit. Nan Goldin and Robert Frank, also Larry Clark and even fashion photographer Juergen Teller have provided inspiration. 205 more words

Field Notes

April: The Wrong Crowd

Remember those kids that were obviously trouble? This month, they are our primary concern. We are interested in rotten eggs, bad seeds, black sheep, anyone with whom your mom wouldn’t be happy to see you hanging around. 87 more words

Andrea Arnold

Larry Clark

Ooops… my post is a little late, but like they say ‘Better late then never’.

Larry Clark is an acclaimed American photographer, who is widely known for his strikingly raw controversial images, from his photographic novel  497 more words