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Brilliant Writers And Actors You May Not Realize Spent Time In The 'SNL' Writers' Room

There’s been a lot of talk about Saturday Night Live this week with the addition of Michael Che to “Weekend Update” (and the subtraction of… 672 more words


Is 'Normcore' Really The Next Trend In Fashion? But, Really?

Seriously? Why are we hearing this word more and more often? Is it a joke? Could this really be happening? Well, NORMCORE IS HERE – whether you like or not – even if you’re not sure… 385 more words


Flirts and other Fails: Jdate, the remix

Per usual readers, I have a confession to make. No, this confession doesn’t feature me deeply offending a date or flagrantly breaking my first date rules… 988 more words

Is Travel Attire So Controversial?

I love this little uproar over appropriate attire for air travel. I’m guilty of wearing jeans, or shorts when I travel to warmish climes, but hey, I wear nice shirts! 186 more words

Enjoy These 7 Interesting Facts About 'Seinfeld' That You Probably Didn't Know

Everyone around here is a pretty big fan of Seinfeld and we give plenty of coverage to it. For good reason too seeing how it’s arguably the greatest sitcom of all time and still hilarious… 105 more words


What Movie/TV Character Would You Want To Be?

I know my answer sounds a bit bewildering, but I would really like to be Larry David’s fictional self in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry has the unique ability of calling people out no matter how inappropriate the circumstance or the possible concequence, and since I’m often too polite to criticize someone for cutting the line or parking directly behind me, I’d really like to know how that would feel just lashing out against those who oppose my day-to-day social norms.

But who would you choose?


Seinfeld - 25 Year Tribute

Sometimes the road less traveled, is less traveled for a reason.

Jerry Seinfeld

TV giant Seinfeld turns twenty-five this year—which is exactly the sort of round number that justifies…

826 more words