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Andy Warhol, You're My Hero! Colacello, Gagosian, Mugrabi and Rosen Chat About the Pop Art Superstar in East Hampton

Only the conversation topic of Andy Warhol could lure to East Hampton, on a Sunday morning no less, such a stacked panel of the big guys: Peter Brant, Alberto Mugrabi, Aby Rosen, Larry Gagosian, Whitney chief curator Donna De Salvo, and Factory superstar Jane Holzer. 797 more words

Krowds, Kids and Ring-Kissing at Koons Kocktails

“Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!” screamed Eric Koons, who at six years old is the second youngest of Jeff Koons’ seven children. The mop-haired rascal had been briefly separated from his father outside of the Whitney Museum, which last night hosted a cocktail party for “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective,” a massive day-glo celebration of all things good and bright and beautiful, 150 Koons sculptures and paintings spread over five floors, all devoted to that original perpetrator of ‘80s excess who’s now the art market’s enduring bellwether. 942 more words

David Zwirner

Prison Pics: An Art-World Episode From My New Neighbor's Past

MY NEW NEIGHBOR AND I get to talking through the wall between our Rooms:

“In the course of my wanderyears following the dissolution of my anal marriage to that nun and the crossing of God’s DNA with mine,” he begins, in a tone like it’s a long story he’s gearing up to tell, “I was imprisoned in one of the towns I passed through.” 1,103 more words