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DC - FORRAS et al v. RAUF et al Klayman - Loses another one

Because defendants have made a prima facie showing that Plaintiffs’ claim “ arises from an act in furtherance of the right of advocacy on issues of public interest ,” Plaintiffs must now show that they are “likely to succeed on the merits” of their claim in order to survive Defendants’ Anti – SLAPP motion.

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Larry Klayman

Klayman DC Discipline Hearing


In re Larry E. Klayman, D.N. 048-08
June 23-24 & 26-27, 2014, 9:30 a.m.
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Larry Klayman

Alabama Supreme Court Finally Rules "No Opinion" On Obama Eligibility Case

Why are the American people denied the truth about Barack Obama? Why are so many people afraid to openly ask questions? Is it because too many of us can’t handle the truth, or is it because we just don’t want to know?

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Klayman v Judicial Watch, et al. FLSD - Petition to enforce Subpoena denied

Klayman loses another motion, this time in Florida.

2014-03-25 7 MINUTES (IN CHAMBERS) ORDER DENYING PETITION TO ENFORCE SUBPOENA by Judge Audrey B. Collins denying 1 Motion to Compel Arbitration: The Court will resolve this matter without oral argument and therefore VACATES the April 7, 2014 hearing.

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FL - Voeltz v SOS III - Per Curiam Affirmed

I looked at Voeltz III and the docket mentions: 03/13/2014 Affirmed – Per Curiam Affirmed

Did I miss something?

Ruling http://opinions.1dca.org/pc_pdf/13-0083.pdf


Larry Klayman

AL - McInnish v Chapman - Klayman responds

Klayman, the attorney whose case was recently ‘dismissed’ all the way up to the Alabama Supreme Court has mentioned that the case may be appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States. 351 more words

State Election Challenges