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Déjà vu – A warning (and appeal) to give Mark Driscoll a fair trial.

Mark Driscoll deserves a fair trial. Those who have accused Mark Driscoll deserve a fair trial. The members of Mars Hlll Church deserve a fair trial. 1,314 more words

Bullies and their cohorts laugh at the pain of others.

If Mark Driscoll is a pathological narcissist and a bully (as many have alleged), then he and his closest elders are probably never going to empathize with those he has hurt through the documented abuse at Mars Hill Church. 425 more words

JRC Life Group Leaders Conference Session 2

Larry Osborne

  • The Heart of a leader
  • The Mindset of a leader
  • We can be like a fish out of water…We read scripture through the lens of our experience.
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Radically change the bylaws...they represent a "deft grab for power." -- Dustin Kensrue

Pastor Dustin Kensrue, in his letter of resignation from Mars Hill Church, says that the Mars Hill Church “bylaws need to be radically changed…” 1,050 more words

What Mark Driscoll actually said on Sunday

To fully understand what Mark Driscoll was saying, you must read this! This blog post saved me a lot of time. It is excellent and worth the read. 4,549 more words

Where are the "Real Men" at Mars Hill Church?

Mark Driscoll and Acts 29 are reputed to teach men to stand up and be men. One of the recent conferences to give Mark Driscoll the boot was a conference aptly called “Act Like Men”. 636 more words