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First Church of Joy

I’ve already mentioned the church I grew up in. It was an Assembly of God in a small town. It was my normal with nothing to compare it to because I basically never went anywhere else even though in my little village of 250 we also had a Methodist, Christian and Catholic church.   1,714 more words

Mars Hill Church – Shunning members is like recruiting Satan on to your side.

Shunning is evil and flies in the face of the Gospel. As a church, there is no quicker way to sow the seeds of your own destruction than to treat brothers and sisters with such a cruel and heartless “punishment”. 379 more words

Change.org: Mars Hill Elders (and ex-Elders) REPEAL THE BYLAWS – For the Gospel’s sake!


The survival of Mars Hill Church needs a clear declaration by the elders at Mars Hill Church that the 2007 bylaws are invalid. 834 more words

"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" - My prayer for the elders at Mars Hill Church.

Mark Driscoll has resigned and nobody is happy.

Seven years ago there were twenty four elders who were responsible for ruling Mars Hill Church. As is now common knowledge, Mark Driscoll fired Paul Petry and Bent Meyer in a coercive move that enabled him to force the remaining elders to vote in new bylaws that consolidated power in Mark Driscoll. 567 more words

Larry Osborne and Pharisees {12/31 Niches}

Just a quote for Sunday’s Niche..and something I feel like is important to mention as I continue on. I hold to an absolute truth and there are things we must have right in order to be saved, but not as much or as little as some might think or say. 208 more words


Where is the credibility of ECFA?

Will the ECFA* have any credibility left after staunchly standing by Mars Hill Church?

What are open and transparent ministries that pay the ECFA for its stamp of approval thinking as they see the  827 more words