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Can a Writer Get Laryngitis?

When you first dabble in writing, no, when you start to get serious about writing, there are questions. What should I write? What am I meant to write? 462 more words


Tips For Recovering Your Voice After You Lose It

Whether you were out all night screaming at your friends across the bar….or just talk to much…sometimes it happens…the inevitable…we LOSE OUR VOICE.  I’m not talking about metaphorically losing your “voice”…I’m saying…you can’t talk..like..physically.   594 more words



I recently lost my voice to laryngitis for six weeks. During that time, the sounds I could make ranged from a whisper to a croak to a flimsy peep. 510 more words



Last week Thursday, half of my throat felt scratchy with swollen glands. By Saturday evening I was sounding the off-side of sexy, Sunday brought some high-pitched falsetto and by Tuesday most of my voice was gone. 313 more words

I Would Like to Say but I Can't

I can hardly talk.  I’ve had this predisposition for laryngitis since I was a teen but I’ve been so healthy the last few years I had almost forgotten what it was like.   757 more words


I lost my voice this week

If the title isn’t indication enough, this week is going to be a real thrill.

(That was sarcasm. To clarify. Sometimes I genuinely can’t tell if it’s obvious.) 696 more words