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Better than Christmas

Super sick and my voice is shot.
My kids are in their glory. . .
There is always texting in caps though. . .
Love technology!


Laryn-friggin'-gitis (again)

Yes, I had a mild cold.  Ho hum.

Yes, I’m over it.  Wheeeee!

No, it didn’t leave without a fight.

I have laryngitis.

(can you hear me now? 119 more words

The Laryngitis Haiku series

Maybe a slice of

Lemon will help me with

My laryngitis

Pay close attention

                                                                                 Class, I cannot speak and you

                                                                                 Listen better this way

I forgot my whistle… 59 more words


Laryngitis – Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

The inflammation of the voice box is called Laryngitis. Vocal cords open and close efficiently, making sounds clear from their movement, however in laryngitis, the vocal cords get inflamed while this type of enlargement or inflammation cause distortion of the sounds. 164 more words

Homemade Tips

Can a Writer Get Laryngitis?

When you first dabble in writing, no, when you start to get serious about writing, there are questions. What should I write? What am I meant to write? 462 more words


Tips For Recovering Your Voice After You Lose It

Whether you were out all night screaming at your friends across the bar….or just talk to much…sometimes it happens…the inevitable…we LOSE OUR VOICE.  I’m not talking about metaphorically losing your “voice”…I’m saying…you can’t talk..like..physically.   589 more words



I recently lost my voice to laryngitis for six weeks. During that time, the sounds I could make ranged from a whisper to a croak to a flimsy peep. 510 more words