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The Princess Has Left the Building

She was dainty yet elegant. When she took possession of my Las Cruces home, she proudly padded around with tail raised high. But like all royals, she had a flaw – a poor braking system. 530 more words


National Latino Aids Awareness Day sheds light on serious disease

Story by Ofelia Martinez – Originally published on October 2010 at http://www.nmsumerge.com/2010/10/national-latino-aids-awareness-day-sheds-light-on-serious-disease/

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the Latino/Hispanic community is greatly affected by HIV and AIDS because of barriers such as poverty and stigma, not necessarily race and ethnicity. 349 more words

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Have a very merry angry Christmas

Story by Ofelia Martinez – Originally published on December 2012 at http://www.nmsumerge.com/2012/12/have-a-very-merry-angry-christmas/

For retail workers, the scariest time of year isn’t Halloween, but rather Black Friday or the entire holiday season in general. 524 more words

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Roommates from hell stories revealed

Story by Ofelia Martinez – Originally published on December 2012 at http://www.nmsumerge.com/2012/12/roommates-from-hell-stories-revealed/

I remember my first year of college. I was especially excited about moving out of my parent’s house and into my very own dorm room with my best friend. 449 more words

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Why did city councillors who supported the $10.10 wage vote aganist it?

Because it was never about $10.10. It was about using people as pawns for political strategy and gamesmanship. Here is what CAFé executive director Sarah Nolan said right after City Council passed the $10.10 initiative.

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Las Cruces supports breast cancer awareness month

Story by Ofelia Martinez – Originally published on October 2012 at http://www.nmsumerge.com/2012/10/las-cruces-supports-breast-cancer-awareness-month/

Caroline White wakes up every morning to KTLA 5 and a cup of coffee while she gets ready for her day.   530 more words

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