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Glass Mirror

This is just a little logo sample of what an engraved glass mirror looks like. It’s actually the back foil that is engraved- if it was the glass on the front you would see a double image/ghosting effect. 63 more words

Twisted Spiral

Engraved Rainbow Rings For The Summer

We got our hands on some really cool rainbow rings this summer.  These rings really go with anything.  They are stylish and even make grilling look fun.  56 more words

Laser Engraving

Welcome To My Laser Gifts

Welcome, and thanks for visiting our blog! If you are not familiar with our company, My Laser Gifts is a small business based in South Central Kentucky that specializes in personalized gifts and awards. 715 more words


Squeezing a K40 laser engraver, part 2.

Excerpt from “It’s been a long while II”, because I’m lazy:

Using moshisoft, whatever version, is just a pain in the ass for other than engraving (remember, you bought a ENGRAVING machine, it didn’t say anything about being a real cutter). 669 more words

The linear Trickster (Image engraving for modified K40's)

Unless you have spent a tad more in an Epilog laser, wich then makes me wonder why are you reading this (apart from having a laugh at my problems), many people say that you loose the engraving option once you change the hardware to a cheap one, however that is not entirely true. 750 more words

Identification of laser engraving machine hand model

Understand the principles of operation of laser engraving machine, acrylic engraving machine machine hand model identification is not difficult. Such hand model more than a few things in common. 492 more words