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Top Ear

Steviie’s top ear cartilage piercing w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium bar, was the last piercing ever at the original Shiva Piercing Studio…

Piercing Portfolio

Jake Miller's Last Day In the Studio

Jake Miller’s been in California for the last four months working on music in the studio. Now, it is time to say goodbye. Jake will be leaving sunshiny Los Angeles tomorrow. 94 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News

Your Last Day.

My Inspiration Came From a VERY Beautiful Song!

What if today was your last day? Would you tell your loved ones goodbye?  Would you hide away in your room? 17 more words

Life Itself

One more day... what will you do?

We live our lives thinking tomorrow will be there. Go to bed, wake up, and the sun is shining again. What if you knew when you woke up that morning, it was your last. 190 more words

The Final Goodbye

March 29, 2014

Walking frantically down the hallway, my face was glazed with a little sweat from the heat. The arches of my feet had started to hurt a little; my pace was a little more that what my feet could handle. 913 more words




(Jk, this just means I have one more semester left until I graduate!)

I will be sad that I won’t be back to complain and tell you the details of an internship like mine, but I still refuse to write ANYMORE… 943 more words


Living (Part 1)

I have 241 hours and 58 minutes left to live. In a minute, I am left with 240 hours and 57 minutes.
The wind tears at my clothing and makes my eyes sting as I blister through the sky at almost a hundred miles an hour, trying to force myself to go faster, faster, faster. 1,076 more words